Solange and Julez: 15 Stylish Photos of Mother And Son


Daniel Smith Jr., aka Julez, is the famed-child of fab mommy Solange Knowles and her ex-husband Daniel Smith. He is also the nephew of superstar couple Beyonce and Jay-Z. And if that's not enough, he's got his own unique haute sense of fashion going on, courtesy of his stylish mama we're sure! Crayola toned slacks, wild prints, funky shoes and a bright smile are the trademarks of this young fashionisto in-the- making. Step aside Jaden Smith, Julez is coming through!

Solange and Julez: 15 Stylish Photos Of Mother And Son

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  • Aaliyah Noelle

    he looks like his grandma

  • Guest

    WHERE IS THE BOY’S DADDY ??? Since JayZ stopped letting him tag along Solange got him wearing hot pink daisy dukes. ….She’s turning that boy out. I can’t stand seeing little boys dressed like lil girls.

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  • unclesamonmars

    I guess it’s easy for some people to sleep at night when they acquire their fame through a sibling. This woman is another example of “I’d rather ride coat tails than be my own person.”

    • StarZone Artistry

      Not true, she’s tried to do her own music, she has written music. She has music videos on YouTube. She can’t help it that she will always be involved with her sister. She works for her. Lol she would have to completely detach herself from her sister to truly have her own life, imagine to be in those shoes. She tries, look at her natural image. She is opposite of her sister. I really think she plays a huge role in her sisters life.
      Look at Kelly Roland, she even has a hard time being her own person and she tries too. They can’t help it. I’m sure they are unhappy and the grass looks green, but they have issues just like everyone else. They just don’t have financial issues.