Kandi Burruss Talks Raising Her Daughter

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    U should not bring a new man into your daughter’s life every other year!! Geez my mother has only been about 3 men that i know of…my dad, an ex and her current husband. I couldnt even imagine my mom introducing me to a diff “fiance” every year! On the other side Kandi is a great mom and a good woman…the only problem in her life is her mother!! Her mother has turned her to be just like her and unstable with men…she gives that woman wayyyyy too much power in her dating life and clearly if her mom knew anything about dating or good men she would have one right now Aj was a good guy even if he had many kids and so is Todd. The only problem is her angry lonely bitter dry mom…i didnt want to say dry but u know when a woman doesn’t get some she tends to be angry at life…JUST like mama joyce…she just need a big a ss d*ck lol