Reggae Royalty: 13 Regal Moments With Rita Marley


Even after the death of her husband Bob Marley in 1981, Rita Marley, the first lady of Reggae music has not slowed down. Her mission? To keep his legacy alive and represent for real reggae music. The 67-year-old and matriarch to one of the most famous families in the world has been honored many times in different countries. Today, many celebrities look to her for inspiration - including Rihanna and Snoop Dogg.

Take a 'picture peek' at Reggae Royalty: 13 Regal Moments With Rita Marley

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  • Ladydi82

    She is such a lovely person. #Westmorland #Kingston #beautifulcities

  • Didi

    Lol people don’t know the truth about Rita Marley. She is iconic. But the story goes much deeper than most people know.. She and Bob were divorced before he died (in terms of Rastafarian marriage & divorce)… but hey, more power to her.