“She Can’t Act Right”: Mom Goes to School with Daughter, Videos Whole Thing


Sometimes kids just don’t learn until you embarrass them in front of your friends. That’s the principle this unknown mother acted on when she went to her daughter’s school, armed with her phone camera. The mom tells the camera her daughter was misbehaving in school, so to teach her a lesson, she was going to spend the day going to every single one of her classes:

“This is what happens when your child cannot act right in school… This is what happens when she cannot act right. Her parent has to come to school…But ask me do I give a damn. When you don’t act right in these people’s school and they have to call me, then I come to your school and I shows out.”

She shows herself sitting in seventh period behind her daughter and having the whole class say, “She cannot act right.” The mom posted the video on her Facebook and it has of course gone viral.

Now, it’s always good when a parent takes the time to really get to the bottom of a child’s problems at schools. She’s definitely doing some hands-on parenting. But having the whole class taunt her? And then posting it on Facebook? Not cute. Then again, this girl will probably never step out of line again, but you can’t help but feel sorry for her.

Did this mother go too far?