15 Celebrities Who Passed Away From AIDS

Franklyn Seales

Born in  St. Vincent, Seales is best known for his role on the hit comedy series Silver Spoons. On the show, he played Dexter Stuffins, a business manager and family friend. He also appeared in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and The Taming of the Shrew. The actor died from complications due to AIDS on May 14, 1990 at his family’s home in Brooklyn, New York. He was only 37.

AIDS become epidemic during the last few decades ago, and almost few people died because of the disease.  It is difficult to find out the disease at the early stage of infection and you can find the test result positive only if it is in blood.  But in the initial stages, it remains inactive and helps the HIV virus to multiply rapidly within the body and affects the immune system at the later stages of infection.  It paves the way for the other micro-organisms to infect the various organs and causes diseases.  This is the way the virus kills many of the infected people.

After the infection, it helps the other microorganisms like bacteria and viruses to causes disease among the infected people.  The mode of transmission of this disease is either through unsafe sexual practices or through blood transfusion or even through repeated usage of injection from the infected individual to a healthy person.

Apart from common people, there are many celebrities who are infected with the virus and lost their lives and find more information about them in the following passage.  Many celebrities got the infection through unsafe sexual practices in which many of them didn’t reveal the truth before they die.  Few among them are as follows;

  • Eazy E one of the famous rapper who died because of AIDS due to much relationship and he got the infection because of his too many relationships with other. But, though, he was a great rap singer.  Initially, he was admitted to the hospital for asthma but, later it was diagnosed that he was infected with HIV.
  • An American actor Timothy Patrick Murphy also got the infection through Brad Davis due to sexual relations with him. He died early at the age of 29 due to the HIV infection.
  • Brad Davis who was a brilliant actor got the infection due to a bisexual relationship with the others and he doesn’t want to let it out because of his family members.
  • Freddie Mercury was a lead singer and he doesn’t want to share the information that he was infected with HIV and kept it secret for many years.
  • Chuck Panozzo was also one among the celebrities who were affected with the disease. He fought for gay freedom as well as AIDS awareness.