Girls Room Paint Ideas: 12 Inspirational Rooms

The variety of girls room paint ideas are endless. How do you choose between enchanting turquoise and soothing lemon? Bubbly pink and majestic purple? And God forbid you want to add a few wall decals — let’s see– feathers or balls? Tree branches or hearts?

Options are innumerable. So, choosing the perfect one seems overwhelming. A shout out to the parents, help your little lady choose the right one. The choice should be purely made based on individual preference and likings. Girls are the beautiful souls, so as their rooms too. Privacy is much needed for any individual and teen girls are no exceptions. The room is your little angel’s heaven and she is going to spend most of her time there. So be inspired by her hobbies, interests, and ideas and make the place a better one for her. Teenage girls often plan for a group study, sleepovers and so they want to ensure their little space looks cozy and pretty. Every single detail inside the room is important as they all together can influence the overall look of the room! The color of the paint is one such vital element.

  • Pink: It is classic and a realm of Princess. Most of the girl children’s bedroom walls are painted pink. Combine pink with yellow or lime green to give a strong feminine look to the room. Pink comes in different shades, layering multiple shades can be soothing.
  • Purple: Purple is also the favorite color of many girls. Varied shades of purple are available and each one goes well with certain other colors. A lighter shade of purple, along with white curtains and white furniture give a romantic outlook to the room. Combine dark shade of purple with yellow or green to give a modern look.
  • Blue: Who said blue is for boys? Blue can be made to look feminine with elegant furniture and accents in white or other complementary colors. In specific, aqua blue goes beautifully with white furniture and wardrobe. Floral texture or a simple wall painting adds to the beauty.
  • Orange: Some girls love vibrant colors like orange, yellow and red. These colors bring energy and excitement to the room. Walk murals, stencils, wallpapers elevated the beauty of the room. Visit This link for more options.

Whatever you decide, we’re sure we can get you inspired (and excited) about this DIY project.