Flashback Friday: Life Lessons from Demetria Lucas of “Blood, Sweat and Heels”

At the top of the year  we sat down and talked with “Blood, Sweat and Heels”  star Demetria Lucas. Today we’re taking a flash back to see what we can learn from this educated beauty about life, love and personal power.

Lucas is much more than just the latest reality star. The southern belle is a journalist, life coach and award-winning blogger.

She built her own empire on her critically acclaimed blog, ABelleInBrooklyn.com. She also holds the honor of being the founder of the life coaching service, Belle. She has written a few articles in ‘TheNew YorkTimes’ and ‘The Washington Post’. She has been motivating and inspiring the lives of many people. In her blog, she writes about, love, relationship and about pursuing their dream. In one of her interviews, she said that she always like to be surrounded by people who are excelled in their respective fields so that it pushes her to be the best in whatever she does. Demetria’s greatest influence in her professional life was her father. She believes in dreaming big and she always delivers new, innovative thoughts.

Being the author of two books, she urges people to read and discuss more. She says that she would never care if people pass nasty comments at her and she would be happy if her writings sparked a good discussion. Born in an educated family, Demetria shinned like a star in here academics. She graduated in journalism and did an internship at the most famous entertainment magazine, vibe. From there, it all started. She has worked with many reputed publications and journals and in a television series too.

She is such an inspiration to a lot of young, aspiring minds. She trusts that the society has everything to offer, it is up to us to grab want we want. Her blog address and websites are linked here. I am sure it would be the best thing you read on the Internet today.

You can find her on Twitter giving relationship advice or on the web’s most popular sites with her often controversial opinion pieces that are right on the money. The word “socialite” is bandied about way too much but in this case it’s appropriate. Demetria’s “Cocktails with Belle” are a fun, NYC staple and her bestseller “A Belle in Brooklyn” left fans hungry for more.