So I messed up. I mean, it wasn’t my fault…but it was my fault.

Let me start from the beginning.

We don’t have any control over the things that are destined to take place. I never thought that I would be writing about depression and bipolar ever in my life. I was physically and mentally strong but after that unfortunate time period, everything changed upside down. I was a happy go lucky girl with a bunch of crazy friends and loving parents. All of sudden I was deprived of sleep. Another day, I didn’t want to meet my friends and I isolated myself from my loved ones. It was tough to handle. I understood that I was not normal and I decided to strive hard to get out of this gloomy world. Here is what I did.

I altered my diet. I limited sugar intake, strictly stayed away from alcohol. I made sure that I consumed a lot of protein and fibre. And I added a fruit to every meal. I dusted my treadmill and began to work out again. Breathing exercise is a great way to relax. I had a few cheat days. Still, I managed to exercise most of the days in a week. I bought some flowering plants, watered them and watched them bloom and spread fragrance and happiness. Just for a change I redesigned my room with a bright colored theme and hung a few DIY projects I did earlier. Visit homepage for more room decorating ideas. After all these, I felt a bit better and started to smile for the first time in a few months. The job which I was doing was so hectic and stressful, so I decided to switch the job. I motivated myself in several ways and finally, the day came, I was sitting before the interview panel.

The job interview was going exceptionally well. I sat across from the extremely petite 40-something woman at Starbucks as we laughed about how many things we had in common. By this point I had been seeing my psychiatrist and therapist for well over a month and the medications were working surprisingly well. The anxiety and moments of depression were on a sharp decline and I felt confident and secure.

I lost two clients and had to amicably part ways with one during my emotional breakdown