FOX Sports Attacks Richard Sherman with Spoof Featuring Kids

kids reenact richard sherman
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When Jimmy Kimmel had kids reenact one of Kanye West's typically angry, defensive interviews, it was really funny and kind of adorable. But this FOX Sports video where kids reenact Richard Sherman's speech? It's not really funny and it's kind of strange.

If you've missed the news this week, Sherman, a Stanford grad, has been called a thug and everything else for an emotional post-game speech that people have labeled a rant.  The now-famous interview lasted all of a few seconds and it wasn't like Sherman was all over the place or wasn't making sense. We can think of some talking heads who are a lot less coherent. If you're a young NFL player on your way to your first Super Bowl and you were a big part of the team's success, why wouldn't you go in during an interview? His play was a huge adrenaline rush; any one of us would be excited. It's another case of white people fearmongering and pointing fingers at the uppity Negro. Different day, same ish.

And now pulling in a group of kids, all white, who can barely get the words out and who don't even  really seem to know what they're doing seems to add unnecessary fuel to a fire that shouldn't have gotten started in the first place. I guess FOX Sports was playing for laughs but this misses the mark.

What do you think of the video?

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