Cheerios Super Bowl Commercial Features Same Multicultural Family

cheerios commercial super bowl
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Last summer, we were horrified that crazy racist folks got all upset at an adorable commercial that showed a white mother, a black father, and their really cute daughter. Now, the family's back in a Cheerios Super Bowl commercial and they're still so cute. Cheerios did the smart thing and disabled the comments on the YouTube video so we can just enjoy them being a sweet family.

Little Gracie, has gotten so big since her last commercial! And she's not playing around. When her dad explains she's about to get a baby brother, Gracie sees that brother and raises dad a puppy. Ah, yes, the age-old battle of kid for a pet (and against a new family member)! It's familiar no matter the race of the kids or the parents and it's really, really sweet.

Cheerios says they brought the multiracial family back after the Murphy-West family started the website We Are the 15 Percent. Seeing the commercial and seeing the horrible backlash inspired them to show the love that happens between multiracial families, who make up 15 percent of the population. It's encouraging to see a big brand stand behind something you don't see a lot in media and then go back and dig into the issue. Good for Cheerios and good for the families involved in the commercial and We Are the 15 Percent.

Cheerios Super Bowl Commercial Features Same Multicultural Family


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