Mommy Mashup: Boycott The Bull – DMX and George Zimmerman to Box


This is not BREAKING NEWS... It's bull@#$!

Trayvon Benjamin Martin, yesterday was your 19th your birthday. Sadly, we can't blow out any candles with you, but as leaders in the digital publishing parenting sphere, we can use our voice to support the boycott that has been called on this boxing fiasco between George Zimmerman, the man responsible for your death, and DMX, a weathered drug addict who can't even keep his decade old lyrics straight.

According to our friends over at USA Today:

Damon Feldman, owner of Celebrity Boxing, said he had received 15,000 inquires from people interested in fighting George Zimmerman since the fight was advertised. "America wants to see this guy get his a-- kicked," Feldman said. "Everyone wants to see him lose."

Oh yeah, is that so Mr. Feldman? Sounds like heartless PR jibberish to me, but I may be wrong.  The issue is not about Americans wanting to see Zimmerman get his a@# kicked. I'm sure you could do that.  Simply, the issue surrounds the fact that Zimmerman is a murderer, NOT a celebrity.

When has a black murderer had the option to fight his naysayers in the ring all on the strength of charity? When did a black murderer enter the celebrity pile?

Clearly, the lines between fantasy and truth have been blurred. To add to this disturbing event, Mr. DMX has resurfaced with the following statements:

"I am going to beat the living f**k out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f**k him right up."

The truth is - DMX, we don't give a damn about who you want to fight.  You got beef? Fight your demons. DMX we watched you on OWN in Iyanla Vanzan'ts 'Fix My Life.' During your specialized episode, you didn't have that much passion when it came to fighting for your kids.

On the surface, this seems like one big media circus. In one corner, you have a washed-up artist who is dying to get back into the spotlight. In the other corner, you have a man who nearly broke a nation because of his sheer ability to commit a blatant crime and walk away free, with his gun in tow. You would think because he got another chance at life, that this fame-wh@#$ would just ride off into the sunset. Instead, he has used the media to his advantage. This idiot was able to turn his empty soul into some sort of dysfunctional stardom.

DMX and George Zimmerman, do yourselves a favor and go to opposite corners.

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  • Melody Carroll

    i dfont think dmx should fight him i signed the petiton

  • MiaSara

    This whole fiasco is tasteless and exploitive. I want God to be the opponent in the ring who gives George his just desserts.

    Rip Trayvon!

  • SnowStormsinDetroit

    I’m sorry … Very sorry… But I gotta watch history as DMX gets his crackhead azzzz kicked by this clown. I refuse to hear about it on CNN.

  • Amirah

    The things people do for money!!!!!! Come on now DMX, I know you may be in great need but there are just some things you should pass on. Have some respect for the family. I don’t know who is worse, the promoter or the fighters. I like to be entertained but this going waaaaaay to far. Does he think they are going to let him fight Zimmerman? If so he is sadly mistaken. Boxing and fighting are two different things. And who’s going to watch? I should say, I will not be watching. Not even if they paid me.

    Peace and Love

  • 9Milli

    I need DMX to win his battle with crack first. This is some bullsh!t.

  • Why Cant We Be Friends

    i Am So Gald That Someone is speaking out on this because this is nothing but another set up to make people forget about what he done to trayvon….zimmerman wants it to look like a black person beat him up so that we can feel better about the whole trayvon martin situation and move on…….zimmerman and his team is working over time to make it look as if zimmerman learned his lesson and the only reason why he wants to fight a celebrity and not a normal hard working person is because millions of fans will tune watch him fake like he’s losing a fight….One Big Set-Up

  • Monique B

    Zimmerman is going to kick this junkie a$$!

    • Beverly

      DMX has a lot of pent up anger and he’s going to lay George Zimmerman down with ONE BLOW!!!