To Each His Own: 17 Ugly Wedding Dresses


Listen, I know every bride is considered (ahem) beautiful on her wedding day, but these ugly wedding dresses could make Beyonce look like a drag queen on a Vegas strip standing in front of a rent-by-the-hour-priest. Yea. It's that bad. Go ahead and treat yourself to a giggle and click on through to see some of the most train wrecking dresses ever!!!!

Images courtesy of Pinterest

17 Ugly Wedding Dresses

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  • Aerris Marie

    How valid is this article when all but about 3 of the photos look like editorial pictures? Show me actual family wedding photos and this article would be something — at this point these are just models getting paid to wear what they are told to wear.

    • PleaseDOBetter

      Right, I wonder how many are actual wedding dressings vs. for the night of the wedding as some of these dresses appeared to be.

  • Mellissa

    Holy hell picture number 1 is a hot mess!!!