Big Things Popping: Pregnant Celebs Due in 2014


There must be something in the water because there are so many pregnant celebs due in early 2014. Did Hollywood starlets make a vow to join the mommy club this year? Regardless, it's always fun to watch growing baby bumps and stars in the latest maternity fashions. Here are some pregnant celebrities who are expecting this year.

Big Things Popping: Pregnant Celebs Due in 2014

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  • Ayisha Carnival Queen


  • Nicole

    Congrats to all of the ladies…I wish them a safe & happy delivery with a precious healthy bundle of joy!

  • Courtney Puzzo

    um there are a number of celebs who give birth every year so this isn’t news and most of the women you mentioned are d-list at best

    • hatehaters

      What list are u on? Exactly.

      • smackyobitchass

        Z lmao

  • emily

    Ciara has inspired so many women this year. Everyone wants her pregnant glow, beautiful hair, her dance twerk, and her super turnt up attitude. Now that’s a leader for good.

    • hood bugger isht

      U sound like a dumb fool. Who in the hell is inspired by a babymama in training. Ciara need to do is get a husband and not settle to be a typical hoodrat baby mama added to Future’s other 4 baby mamas. Funny how all the white women’s announcements include the word ” their husbands” yet Kerry Washington is the only black one who could say he same. Damn shame .