Kandi Burruss and Riley: 10 Cute, Curvy & Candid Moments


Kandi Burruss and Riley have allowed us to enter their mother-daughter duo via TV and it has been a "real trip" watching this relationship going through their twists and turns. It's also quite lovely to see Riley blossom into her own young woman. Take a peek at some adorable candid and cute moments between these two ladies.

Kandi Burruss and Riley: 10 Cute, Curvy & Candid Moments

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  • Reese

    I love Riley. She has a good head on her shoulders. Her Mom and Gramma can take advice from this young lady

    • kandy830

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    • Gwendolyn Thevisionary Tyler

      I JUST WONDER why mrs. Leaks hasn’t Responded yet.

      • Gwendolyn Thevisionary Tyler

        She was invited to the wedding too

        • Gwendolyn Thevisionary Tyler

          Real HOUSE WIVES of Atlanta ROcks!!

  • -14ME

    she seems so smart on the show

  • kat 247

    Kandi did a good job with her hope momma Joyce dnt rub off on her

  • Garwilly

    10?! I think the kid is 12 now

  • Crowe

    The daughter is cute, hope she don’t turn out ratcet like Kandi and Momma – but probably too late for that …………………..they, and Kandis friends are her role models.

    • swes

      Where’s Todd’s daughter pictures, Oh I forget Mama get gank over Todd’s family
      pictures. Now that’s to much, but Todd still there. Well free room and broad with
      pocket money all the sex he wants and need and don’t. Whom said pimp is hard.

  • Crowe

    Run, Todd, run…………………


    Is that Mr Knowles (Tina’s ex) at the back with his head tilted?

  • Desiree

    KANDI and her daughter are gorgeous and she is proud of her, because it takes a stronger individual to overcome the pressures these young children are challenged with in the world today. Congrats Kandi for raising such a strong, determined and beautiful young black woman.

  • mrs moonie

    Who is Riley’s dad?

  • Toosmart2bfooled

    This picture of Kandi, is at a time in her life when she looked pretty.

  • zyggie

    I like Kandi and Riley. Adorable.