Lenny and Zoe Kravitz: 12 Stylish Father-Daughter Looks


'I used to be embarrassed by my mom and dad - now I steal their clothes' -- Zoe Kravitz on fashion, fame and A-list parents.

Ha! The lovely offspring of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz now freely admits how fab her parents are! And let's be real, who among us wouldn't want to play within these stars wardrobe? In this post we recognize that Lenny and Zoe Kravitz are without a doubt one of the most fashion-forward daughter-father duos in Hollywood. I absolutely love how Lenny makes sure that Zoe is his primary date for key events (think Grammy's Emmy's, Golden Globes, Oscars, BET Awards and more!) As you look through this blog you can see not only the loving bond between these two but how Zoe's personal style has evolved over time from "girly teen" to really take after her father's classic rocker-chic vibe. Take note of their statement accessories ( Native American-themed jewelry, all black sunnies, classic Fedoras, striking footwear) and how they move effortlessly from show-stopping ensembles of quintessential tuxedo and ravishing ball gowns on the red carpet to edgy grunge looks featuring black leather jeans, vintage denim and eye-catching boots on the concrete runway. We take special notice of Lenny's moto chic boots, bomber jackets and unique jewelry, while Zoe opts for ankle-length ethereal dresses with trendy shoes, funky leggings layered under denim shirts, tissues tees and flannel button-downs and swoon-worthy bags made from tribal rugs, suede, seashells, leather and denim culminating in quite the fashion feast for the eyes.

Lenny and Zoe Kravitz: 12 Stylish Father-Daughter Looks

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    Her friends must be acting sooo extra when he around ^_^

    • RHONYC

      he’s a monster DILF. what? lol ;-D

      • https://twitter.com/Dep_Insomniac Cat Fishburne (RIP Dislike Squ

        This girl said DILF lmao

        • RHONYC

          Lenny know what time it is. what? you never saw his scrumptious heiney in his ‘Again’ video? yummy! *snap* 😛

  • PolkaDots

    His daughter shows him up in EVERY photo….But I love Lenny!

  • nolagirl

    She looks so much like her mother.

  • Crowe

    The hoodie is the most ridiculous and asinine piece of clothing.

  • pia

    Yes! they have THE best fashion!!

  • Im just saying

    Too much touching for me. Can we say “Coupled up”?


      lol that’s what I was thinking..smh

      • Im just saying

        I don’t know, they look more like a couple in love.


          ohmahgosh we can talk about this all day lol… cause on one page I had got a daddy smashed feeling O.o’ fr llab ummmmm

  • klee2000

    Ya’ll have perverted minds… It’s really easy to walk with someone and for others to assume. On mothers day around 3 years ago I was walking with my two daughters, the oldest step 13 and youngest around 2. A few people came up to us and told the 13 year old Happy mothers day. Wow… do you see how easy it is to get the wrong idea???