The Basketball Wives: Bad Mothers or Just Misunderstood?


If you’ve been watching the last few seasons of "Basketball Wives", then you know these ladies put it all the line when it comes to their relationships with men and  their relationships with each other. With all the hoopla that goes on, it’s sometimes easy to forget that many of these women are also mothers. In fact, some of the most eyebrow raising moments of the show have actually come when we’ve gotten a glimpse into their relationships with their children and it hasn’t always been pretty. With all of the allegations of neglect, emotional abuse and seemingly un-motherly behavior that has gone public, it’s hard to know what’s what. However, despite some of their publicized parenting woes, many of these ladies have been able to regroup and move forward. The truth is that none of us are perfect mothers, and there’s no telling what we’d learn about ourselves and our kids if our lives were placed under a microscope.

But, here at Mommynoire, we still have to wonder: are the Basketball Wives bad mothers, or are they just misunderstood? We’ll let you be the judge.

The Basketball Wives: Bad Mothers or Just Misunderstood?

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    Well Im not going to say their the worse, but some of the things they do to get a paycheck sure is not cute. Like Malaysia, you don’t even see her kids on TV or she rarely speaks about them. Then we have this new mother, I forgot her name, the one with the daughter and the p e n I s close to the face photo, I would have never mentioned that mess, but I guess it was made for TV drama. Anyway, they really need to think before they go on TV airing out their dirty laundry for LOOT.

  • Mika

    yep they are

  • Kelly

    Yes,Yes,and many Yes…It’s all about them and only them…Family come First..Your Kids and husband

  • eisha0417

    I don’t want to see or hear about kids on the show at all on this show! That’s their business and should stay private.

  • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

    what do you expect?!? it’s Viacom’s Rachet channel!!! they never pull any punches on WORLD RACHETNESS!!!

  • LaMorena

    Yea I feel sorry for some of their kids who will always have access to seeing this ratchetness on tv or the internet.

  • isoiledmyself

    Jackie is the WORST!

  • iQuote

    it might be a criteria.

  • Brittany

    sunday shouldn’t talk about draya when she slept with a married man