Tragedy Strikes: Justin Sims & Family Die In Horrific Car Accident


Sadly, on March 11, 2014, tragedy struck a young, married Florida couple with 4 children, leaving one deceased. Our prayers are with them and their families.

Tragedy Strikes: Married Couple and Son Die In Horrific Car Accident

According to Tampa Bay:

Justin Sims, his 28-year-old wife, Sharonda, and their 5-year-old son Savion, died when Sims ran a stop sign and their car collided with a semitrailer. The crash occurred on a dark, rural stretch of highway. Authorities say a flashing red light over the stop sign was not functioning at the time.

The couple's daughters, Ariel, 7, and Kitty, 2, were both flown to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando after the crash with critical injuries, Polk sheriff's deputies said. They are expected to recover, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Their 3-month-old daughter, Arienne, was taken to Lakeland Regional Medical Center. Her injuries were not thought to be life-threatening.


If you would love to support the families during this time, please send all donations to: or

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  • oscardgrouch

    OMG horrible.

  • Jamaia McAllister

    praying for the kids. tragic