11 Men In Skirts: The Celebrity Edition (Womp!)


You know at first I was just going to ignore this growing mind boggling phenomena of men in skirts until the other day when the gorgeous Omar Epps showed up on live national TV in a skirt ahem a kilt. And the world paused for a minute (no one counts Kanye-- 'cause he's cray and Diddy is another topic, but the dapper, suave Omar?)  while simultaneously logging  onto to watch the Twitter beef between Marlon Wayans and Lord  Jamar over this topic, and even I could no longer blink past this. After quickly skimming around the web I've been able to cull together at least 10 very public celebrity males wearing this trend. I won't lie, it doesn't make me happy...I mean can we gals have something for ourselves?

Anywho, get ready to be intrigued, repulsed, whatever by some of today's top stars rocking a skirt...I mean kilt.

11 Men In Skirts: The Celebrity Edition (Womp!)

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  • Tanya

    This trend is disgusting and disturbing. Any man that wears one needs their sexuality questioned.

    This is not scotland. Gay attire for sure.

  • AngusCarpathian

    Pac, Biggie and Eazy E are probably glad they are dead so they don’t have to see this mess.

  • Terri Berri

    Men in skirts? Yeah right. I understand trying to be a trend-setter, but there is a limit. They look dumb. Starving for attention is very common in Hollywood. No masculine man is going to wear a skirt. The guys have attempted this are questionable in my book. Since when did masculine men get so involved in fashion to a point where they are dressing like women? ~_~

  • Eyes4Daze

    Hollywood prefers to hire gay and bisexuals. I’m not implying anything about Omar Epps sexuality, I don’t have any reason to. I suspect that he works with so many that he has some very gay friendly opinions. Considering so many in his career are gay or bisexuals. Plus, Total was suppose to..