I must say, mothers, are the first god in life because they sacrifice many things in their own lives only for the sake of their children and husbands. This is really a great thing and this cannot be done by anyone except the moms. So, we the children should give them more respect and give ears to their words always.

When a female becomes a mom, they completely live for the welfare of their kids and they never think about anyone apart from them. Parenting is a great experience for everyone and we must enjoy each and every second of it. we should take care of the health of the kids in a very good way.

Breastfeeding is the most important duty of the mothers because the mother feeding kids are more healthy and fit than the formula fed babies and this is found after much research. So, we the moms must grow up our babies by exclusively breastfeed for the first six months. The breastmilk contains all the health supplements and nutrients needed for the bodies and so never skip breastfeeding your little ones.

Food habits determine the future fitness of the children and so the parents must feed them with very good healthy nourishment and they must be added up with fresh fruits and green vegetables so that they can lead healthy wellbeing.

The moms never think about herself and they always dream about their children’s health and lifestyle. Once the women become mothers, there is a drastic change over in them while even purchasing. They were eager to bu dresses and accessories for themselves before and once the children are born, they will never purchase even a single dress for them. That is the beauty of the motherhood and so never ever misses out those proud and happy feelings.

If you have any queries about parenting, there are countless sites available online and we can visit this web-site and share our doubts with the people in that group. This really helps us a lot especially if we are the first time moms because, in parenting especially in breastfeeding and weight gain of the babies, we usually come up with numerous questions.

Thus concluding that a mom is a mom and there is no replacement for her sacrifice and affection. So, enjoy the days with your mothers as much as you can as these days will never come back again.