Nail It: 12 White Nails Trends To Dig Into


The white nails trend will most certainly be re-surfacing for spring (it always does) and with that in mind, here are some updated twists to get you inspired for your own set of nails. My favorite looks are Reverse French manis dipped in gold, black or pink, the Chanel logo nails, the candy coated white nails and the black and white Aztec printed nails. Take a gander...

All images courtesy of Pinterest

The White Nails Trend: 12 Looks To Dig Into

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  • mia

    Old news.

  • tysandsnyc

    Some of these were quite ugly.

  • PolkaDots

    3,4, 7, 11 are all I like — I like nails with ROUNDED types – the square thing is just PLAYED to me…and I DEFINITELY do not like nails that are each a different color or print.

    It just reminds me of when I was a kid and I would paint every other nail different colors.

    • makayli verran

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