Black Love In Movies: 13 Celebrities Coupled Up!


Hollywood has a history of being afraid to show intimate black folks on-screen, you know? ...that good genuine compassion between a black man and black woman free of "drama." Not to say we are completely drama-free folks, but happy endings do exist in reality and that should reflect in characters that represent us on-screen. Mommynoire made a powerful list of some of the most memorable representations of black love from the TV romance of Cliff and Claire Huxtable to the flawed yet true film love of Nina and Darius (Love Jones, 1997.) The following fictitious love affairs were unforgettable for many reasons. Take a look and comment and let us know some of your favorites!

Black Love In Movies: 13 Celebrities Coupled Up!

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  • B.

    I think Nia and Larenz would have been a much better picture for the lead page of this story. I had to laugh because I didn’t realize people thought Gabby and Idris made a memorable screen couple, in that movie.

    • djs

      Nia and Larenz should have taken the first photo. My favorite movie of all time. Jason and Lyric should have followed….he washing her feet…so so sweet. I love a great love story :)

  • S Jo

    I got tired if flipping thru 13 pages to see all
    of the couples,
    But my favorite Black couple of all time
    Is MARTIN and GINA from MARTIN!!
    Best on screen real couple ever!
    I couldn’t get into Denzel & indigo,
    because she looks like Spike Lee
    with a wig on!

    • Cami

      “Indigo looking like Spike Lee with a wig on!” Oh I’m dying! Best laugh all day!

      But I just bet Joie wouldn’t appreciate that tho. LOL

      • S Jo

        Lol! I just need to see her & spike lee
        side by side! Suposedly, she is his
        sister! I need to know if that’s him
        dressed in drag, cus that’s just
        too much family resemblance!

  • Paula

    Love black love.

    I agree, nia and larenz and jason and lyric are my all time fav.
    Love Jones is still one of my fav movies!

  • pia

    Cliff and Claire!!!

  • jayson pierre

    malcolm x and betty shabazz (denzel washington & angela bassett)