Kids Choice Awards 2014: 13 Best and Worst Dressed Celebs


This year  at the Kids Choice Awards 2014 there were several wins and some losses on the orange carpet. Take a peek at 13 looks that we thought were worth a mention. Special looks include America Ferrara and Tia Mowry!!!

Kids Choice Awards 2014: 13  Best and Worst Dressed Celebs

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  • manboy

    Same complextion…the kid has black facial feature and black hair….I bet she had her finger crossed when she was pregnant ..she was hoping that violet would have her hair…..but health and srrengh is what matters

    • loretta

      Violet is the cutest, most personable, happy show biz kid thus far. She’s every bit as beautiful as her mother, and you can tell that her daughter is the apple of her eye. Never saw her shed one tear. Always happy and smiling, Dressed so cute. even being raised by a single mother.

      On the other hand, we see Blue Ivy nappyheaded, with a new orleans madam name, crying, looking terrified, and forlorn with 2 pathetic parents by her side. I wonder if dirty beyonce tried to steal Violet’s thunder with that blue ivy plant name LMAO it’s not even pretty. Violet is a gorgeous name. that goes to show u folks that sometimes a single parent is better than 2 lousy ones.

      • Lee

        Say what you want about adults but leave your mouth off of innocent children her “nappy head” is the hair that grew from her scalp and is the same wooly hair that the Bible says Jesus possesses who the hell are you to call somebody nappy headed a derogatory racist word used to degrade a people and make them feel ashamed of their God given features and if you really look you will see that baby’s hair is curly…how the hell you know what kind of parents they are they take their baby..and not all babies like a bunch of strangers snapping pics all in their face…on behalf of Blue Ivy and all other naturals who love and are proud of their fros coils and wooly cottony hair a real big EFF YOU…how the hell can anybody degrade and put down what God has created and created FIRST…

  • Truth

    That’s NOT Rosie Madsen. That’s Teala Dunn