Popcorn Love: 15 Summer Movies To Catch in 2014


Seems like we were all watching the ball drop and screaming ‘Happy New Year,’ but here we are, already in the spring and looking forward to popsicles, 80 degree afternoons and day-long barbeques of June, July and August. Still there’s no summer pastime greater than a trip to the movies -- after all, that’s the season of Hollywood blockbusters. This summer is no exception, with plenty of films being released in 2014 that should pique the interest of everyone in the household from biggest to smallest. Hollywood is offering a bunch of do-overs this year, from Godzilla to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but there are also a ton of original films and sequels like The Amazing Spiderman 2 that you and the family may want to catch. Mommynoire has made it easy for you guys here, where we’ve compiled a list of fifteen 2014 films to check for.

 Popcorn Love: 15 Summer Movies To Catch in 2014

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  • DDub

    Ha. They copied and pasted the heads onto stunt bodies for the Think Like a Man Poster. Photoshop fail. The Spiderman poster is pretty horrible too–like some kind of indie flick and not blockbuster.

  • Linda

    The best films are coming out this year: Maleficent, The Hobbit part 3, Transformers 4, Think Like A Man 2, The Purge 2..woooop

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