According to a U.S. Census statistic cited by the New York Times, in the last decade the number of men who have left the work force entirely to raise children has more than doubled to 176,000. You might have a friend or neighbor who is a stay-at-home dad (SAHD).

There are a number of fathers who are opting to stay at home dads and this is also getting more accepted by society. However, it is important to know that this move has to be taken only after a lot of consideration. Being a stays at home dad may not be acceptable or easy for many and thus ones need to consider this option after understanding what they gain and what they may end up losing in the process.

Staying at home does not give you the freedom to do what you wish to do all through the day. It is the kids who would dictate your schedule so if you thought that being a stay at home dad would mean more of ME time for yourself then you definitely are wrong. So how can you know whether you are ready to be a stay at home dad?

To be a stay at home dad is the biggest transition in a man’s career. He will is moving from the rat race and shift to doing the domestic chores. Adult interaction would also get limited and you will be on all 24 hours. Now is the phase where you from working on the computer for long hours will move to attend more of play dates and doing the housework. The perk is to get the joy of spending time with your kids.

The days will be full and you will hardly have time for a break. It is all up to you to change the babies poop. And yes you do not get any pay cheque for this.

You should also speak to your family to know if they support your move. You will be impacting everyone at home and while you may think that all will be happy you definitely need to reconsider the answer.

Check it to know if your family is relay happy with the idea of you staying back home.

Sometimes I see them on the fringes of the playground and play groups unsure of whether to breach the mom circle. Other times they’re the life of the party. The moms surround the stay-at-home dad like some sort of mysterious creature or guest of honor.
Sometimes I notice flirting. I cringe.