A celebrity singer or a performer, women always grab attention when they are stepping into motherhood, a beautiful phase, in spite of all the sleepless nights and the weird sleeping patterns and hormones going bezerk. Getting pregnant is the most desirable wish of many women once they reach a stage where they feel a baby completes their family. The love laughter, giggles and a part of you are what the mothers rejoice, even if they have to compromise on so many things and get their body go out of shape. Everything can be undone, but the beautiful little bundle of joy is the apple of the eye for a parent.

Singer Kandi Burruss is all excited about her second child that is due in January 2019, all this took a while to get used to the rhythm of sleep, preparing to take care of little munchkin. Taking a quick class from this source to get prepared for a baby’s arrival is the best way to stay positive.  Prepared for handling the infant, as she mentions it has been quite some time she handles a baby, after 13 years, taking the preparation class along with her husband Todd is the best decision the parents to be had taken.


Following the journey of Kandi & Todd’s baby, the fans are waiting for the little baby Tucker to arrive soon. Kandi, the singer from the show Real Housewives of Alabama, mentions that the entire family is excited to see a newborn soon. Her Daughter Riley is already over the moon as she is preparing her room for the new little brother, she is waiting to babysit and do diaper changes for the newborn. Granny Joyce is also waiting for the little munchkin to arrive soon, he is going to be a Capricorn by zodiac and all her fans are following the wait across the world.

Getting pregnant again after a few years is a challenge as most of it feel it is easy to conceive another baby after you have the first child. A lot of changes in the women’s body happens after childbirth, and the most important part is they have to deal with the hormonal imbalances, weight issues, and fibroids that could make pregnancy very challenging. Combating all the issues, Kandi is now glowing with her positive attitude towards life; she is a more solution-based person, looking for solutions in problems are how the celebrity singer is.