Best Tressed: 12 Gorgeous Summer Hairstyles From Celeb Moms


Mommies, as you head to the beauty shop this week (and subsequently end up there through the afternoon) for your routine hair appointment/catch up session with your stylist (also known as me time!), consider switching it up a bit. Wow your mate, friends, or heck, even yourself with one of these summer hairstyles. Whether it’s a funky cut or a new vibrant color, a hair switch up is sometimes all we need to give us that added boost of confidence. Here, we’ve rounded up a group of celebrity moms whose cut, styles and/or color we’re currently gushing over and we’ve crowned them Best Tressed.

Best Tressed: 12 Gorgeous New Summer Hairstyles From Celeb Moms

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    Brandi is wrong…she needs some product in that wig or whatever it is.

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