Survey Says: Single Mommies Need Sugar Daddies

According to a survey conducted by the online dating website,, the main reason more than 1,000 single mothers joined the site wasn’t for gifts, or a new apartment or car, but for financial help for themselves and their children.

Parenting and living a life that is becoming expensive in all ways is the most challenging times for a single mother’s today. right from emotional support to financial help, these ladies are looking up for the sugar daddies, not for the gifts but for their upliftment from poverty to give their children the best they can in terms of education, support and a good caring household. Most of the relationship ends, the moment the women bear kids and become dependent on their partners, the next option ultimately is to raise the kids without having to give them up for adoption, but survive while working doing all odd jobs makes it difficult for the young mom to give a decent education and living.

They often visit this site that has many older men who are wealthy yet have no one to have a conversation with and are yearning for company. Looking into a relationship with wealthier older men to support their kid’s life and education woman are now turning towards this option. Easing the financial burden these sugar daddies as the phrase goes are sugar-coated the most soulful pill that single mother’s get into. Often people tend to think it as a mere sexual relationship that is usually not the case, it is more about fulfilling each other’s emotional needs, showing that love, comfort, and warmth that both of them are yearning in whatever way. Even College going kids are seeking help from sugar daddies to fund their education that is an expensive affair.

The company, which claims to be the world’s largest site for women seeking sugar daddies and vice versa, reports that 71 percent of the single mommies polled said their only, or main, reason for the joining the website was to receive money from men to support their households. Respondents also chose Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock as the single mothers they most admired.

A quick Google search of “single mom, sugar daddy” and you’ll find that this trend is more popular than one might guess. There are many websites, ads and services, catering to this growing sub-culture, suggesting it might not be as taboo as it once was.