Is Stacey Dash a Traitor?: Her Presidential Endorsement

stacey dash

Apparently actress Stacey Dash, known best for her starring role in "Clueless" back in the mid-90s has been under verbal attack since she publicly endorsed Mitt Romney via ‘tweet’. People including actor Samuel L. Jackson were infuriated by her comment and lashed out angrily, no holds barred. Some of the comments ranged from mild name-calling to an especially infuriated tweeter who suggested that Dash commit suicide calling her an old hag.

Dash sat down with CNN's Piers Morgan on "Piers Morning Tonight" to discuss the influx of criticism that came after endorsing Romney in a Twitter post on Sunday. That tweet spurred angry and sometimes racist responses from those who scoffed at Dash of Black and Latino descent for supporting the GOP nominee. “The fury, I really don’t understand the fury,” Dash told Morgan on Tuesday night. “I don’t understand it. I don’t get it … I was shocked, saddened. Not angry. Saddened and really shocked. But you know what, you can’t expect everyone to agree with you.” "The state of our country is that we are not united," Dash told Morgan when asked how one innocuous tweet, sent by a Black actress, could spawn such mayhem.

The former "Single Ladies" actress voted for Obama in 2008 but says that she is changing her vote to Romney "because of the state of the country and I want the next four years to be different. I believe him." Dash alluded to Martin Luther King, Jr. when defending her choice to vote for Romney over Barack Obama in the 2012 election. "I chose him not by the color of his skin, but the content of his character," she said. This is a classic case of to each its own. Everyone has a right to their opinion but by going public with hers, Dash set herself up to people openly voicing theirs, “I’m just saying.”

MommyNoire readers, what do you think about the Stacey Dash Twitter controversy?

Words By: Sid Powell
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  • Sid Powell

    Thanks Lily! I wrote the article. Long nights up writing. Good catch. :)

  • Sid Powell

    Any comments on the article? What’s your opinion?

  • kierah

    She wrote the tweet and then leaked a music video the next day. Looks like somebody needed some buzz…

    • Realtalk777

      No doubt it was all a stunt to get attention, respect her decision but people talking about facts & content of character surely missed the boat on Romney…4 example the way he treated his campaign staff the night he lost…shameful…lest me know Obama is the Right man 4 the job at hand

  • JP

    Stacey, like everyone else is entitled to her opinion. Since she is a Celeb, her opinion is open to ridicule. In her case she has more on the line, along with our opinion, we the public have the power to embrace or ignore her, and that can mean less $$$ for Miss. Dash, GOOD LUCK WITH ROMNEY, HOPE YOUR OK WITH HIS VIEWS ON SOCIAL ISSUES, LIKE WOMEN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE, YOUR MATES, ABORTION, IMMIGRATION, ETC.

    • WRC1963

      I don’t think anyone’s opinion should be open for ridicule. As an African American woman, I’m very “okay” with Romney’s position on all of the platform issues you mentioned and not “okay” with Obama’s stance on any of them. Ms. Dash expressed that she knows what Obama stands for and made an informed decision. Maintaining popularity and $$$$ should never be anyone’s reason primary influence on such an important decision as voting on who will run our country. I came to the same conclusion as Ms. Dash after being informed on both men’s platforms. So, what is the issue? Not agreeing with Samuel Jackson’s (or your) presidential choice doesn’t mean Stacey was incorrect in her assessment or wasn’t aware of those social issues. Truthfully, from the social and moral direction this country is heading, we ALL will need much more than luck.

  • doro8202

    Too bad the good lord ONLY gave you looks and no brains. Romney’s Social issues alone should be enough to make you vote for Obama again. She wants a change? To what? To go back to the EXACT programs and plans that Bush used to get us into this mess? Really Ms Dash. EDUCATE yourself. That is not change, that is just going backward to the same crap that almost ruined this country. But then I may be wrong. If YOU are one of the 1% than it would be just fine for you. YOU can have your opinion but when you are in the public eye you risk losing your audience and I will bet YOUR audience will stop supporting YOU so maybe in the near future you will no longer be part of the 1%. Good luck with all that because in your case I will vote with my money and I will not watch or support anything YOU do. If you had given a succient reason why you are now voting for Romney that would be one thing but you gave no reasons. Do you like that he does not support the Lillie Ledebedder act? Do you support that he would turn back the clock on abortion and make it illegal like it was in the dark ages before the 1960’s. Do like the fact that he would take away millions of poor womens health care by getting rid of planed parenthood? Do you like the fact that he supports the Blunt act. Do you like the fact that the pill would be illegal under his and his extreme parties definition of the beginning of life? I guess you would like the fact that he would recind Obamacare? Apparently YOU think it is ok to deny insurance because of pre-existin conditions. YOu apparently think it is ok for insurance companies to charge women More for their insurance because being a woman is considered a pre-existing condition? I guess your idea of health care matches up to Romney”s when he said we have health care for the poor, “You call an ambulance and they take you the the hospital and you are taken care of”? I know this is long but there are sooooooo many reason NOT to vote for Romney, and I certainly have left a multitude out, then there are to continue forward with Obama, who has been pulling us out of the gigantic hole Bush left us in. Yes it has taken longer than expected but that is because the congress has been fighting him every step of the way. In 2009 Mitch McConnell said out loud and proud their main objective was to make sure Obama would not gain a second term. NOT to work WITH the president and do the peope’s business but to block him in any way they could to gain power again. NOT to do the people’s business. So yes it has been slow going for the president but when you are trying to swim with weights on your ankles I am sure it can be a little tough.

    • ncdthree

      Not one thing you said here is accurate or even remotely correct. Sounds like YOU’RE the one that needs to be educated. And no, I don’t mean go learn about the issues by visiting Barack’s website, or his groupies at MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, Huffington Post, etc., etc.

      • doro8202

        ncdthree: Sorry YOU are the one that isn’t remotely accurate. EDucate your self you dump bitch.
        READ what is on the Republican party platform about abortion. Read the Blunt Ammendment. Read what came out of Romenys own mouth about both. Just because You don’t want it to be so doesn’t make it so. I am basing it on statements made by the candidate himself and the Republitards own Platform. I guess you are one of those that agrees with Akin that a woman can’t get pregnant during a forcible rape.
        There are too damn many to write here. But all that I said is TRUE. It is either said by the candidate or is a written policy of the insurance companies. Romney did say we have health care and it is and ambulance picks up a sick person and takes them to the the emergency room. LOOK It up you buffon. All the things I wrote are TRUE. AGAIN, either coming out of the candidates own mouth or written in a bill or written on the RNC platform. Ignorancer is alive and well and it is named NCDthree.

        • ncdthree

          Bitter?…Table for one?

          I didn’t know they allowed internet access in the loony bin. Be sure to take your meds “doro”.

          Lucky for the rest of us, you aren’t running for office…and will not ever be somebody with authority over anyone. Your ignorance and inability to cope with reality will always keep you from that.

          Good luck to you…you’re gonna need it.

          • doro8202

            Just like the Republitards. You cannot respond to the TRUTH. Name calling is ALL you can come up with. Again name one thing I wrote that is NOT fact. YOu are an idiot and apparently are very familar with meds. LUckily I don’t need them. Good luck to you as well YOU ARE GOING to NEED it when Obama is elected again. YOU apparentlly don[‘t even have authority over a brain. I apparently have WAY MORE than you. Go try if you can to EDUCATE YOUSELF. Stupid is as stupid does and YOU have plenty of that. I am done arguing with a backward uniformed idiot who doesn’t want to know the facts. Good by and good luck moron..

          • maradebe

            doro, we learn from experience, that it is futile to debate fools. I would urge you to let go of this one, while your dignity and intellect is in tact. People who are empty-headed and faceless here in cyberspace will drive you over the edge. This one is unbelievably ignorant and his/her retorts are completely baseless. Be blessed this Sunday.

            Obama/Biden 2012!

    • Nikki

      My God you make a great point. I really think she is ignorant and just wanted some attention. I will never watch or support anything she does.

      • doro8202

        Nikki, I don’t now if you are registered or not but please vote. I obviously hope you would vote for Obama, expecially if you are a woman, but please vote.

  • Scott Rubino

    Just maybe Stacey sees a bit more than just social issues, like maybe the fact that this entire country is in jeporday. Social issues will not mean much with out your freedoms to choose your own lifestyles. And a lot of you seem eager to get rid of the freedom of speech. I don’t really see how this country can survive much longer with this cancerous element.

  • ncdthree

    Honestly, the woman is absolutely entitled to her opinion. It sounds like she’s thought about it, can give some REAL reasons why she is comfortable with her decision, has some conviction about it, and it is based upon some sound, personal reasoning.

    Samuel L. Jackson’s actions only further the stereotypes and pigheaded social ideals that MLK fought so hard against. Because she is black, she’s supposed to fall in line with what Samuel’s idea of how she should think or act? Or worse, make reverse discrimination decisions based upon the color of her skin, or Obama’s? Further highlighting or building dividing lines between people based upon skin color? THAT is racist behavior, Samuel.

    Her comment “I chose him not by the color of his skin, but the content of his character” speaks volumes about the issue.

    • Destiny

      She is entitled to her opinion. It is hard to see why she would be willing to support Romney on his ever-changing ideas and plans. That being said,I don’t it is necessary to ridicule her to such extremes.

    • WRC1963

      Well said. As an African-American, it infuriates me when those like Samuel Jackson assume that critical thinking should be replaced by emotionalism because of someone’s color. Last time I checked, ALL Americans can vote for whoever they want without being verbally abused solely because they disagree with Mr. Jackson. He promotes the stereotype that black people can’t make informed decisions and can all be easily categorized by superficial and predictable thoughts and actions. Unfortunately, too many of us make the stereotype a reality. Frankly, its shameful and embarrassing to me. I didn’t vote for Obama the first time and didn’t vote for him this time either. Why? Because I don’t get caught up in mob thought, but am more influenced by my faith, by truth and facts, and by one’s character and track record. And guess what? I thought O.J. was guilty too. Imagine that.

  • Capt California

    She is a brave lady for expressing her opinion. Unfortunately, these days you must be brave to do so. Many liberals (and the entertainment industry is saturated with them) are very “intolerant”. They only believe in “Free Speech” when it’s their speech. As evidenced by the furor, if you step outside their paradigm expect the true HATERS to expose themselves. She has used rational and reason to come to her choice…the other side is fueled by pure emotion. Without facts and reasonable argument, the liberals ALWAYS lash out with name calling and hate filled rehtoric. There are many people of color and other entertainers whom are conservative, but elect to stay silent for this very reason.
    Too Bad….

    • WRC1963

      I’m one of those “conservative” African Americans who vote according to my faith, the facts, and my conscience rather than by my color . . . or any other superficial reason. I didn’t vote for Obama either time. I believe the majority of Americans made an emotion driven and foolish choice that we collectively will suffer terribly for. Even so, it was each person’s choice. I wouldn’t think to verbally abuse anyone simply for disagreeing with me. Samuel Jackson’s reaction defies the spirit of the democratic process and the equality based solely on “content of character” that MLK was truly striving for.

      • Todd Crumpley

        Which century are you living in that would make you think and know, for a fact, that the Republican party ever cared about the wealth-fare of the middle class and impoverished majority of America? Voting for Barack Obama symbolized change; which is exactly what Dr. King envisioned we should all be a part of, and not just for the color of his skin. Republicans need to get a clue.

  • Diana

    I wouldn’t vote
    of neither but it’s real sad that in 2012 most Black folks still vote demo.
    Obama hasn’t done a damn thing for Black people. Even his nominees for the Supreme
    Court are any race other than black (no Black women need apply) and the group
    with the highest unemployment is the Black community. Obama is kissing the
    Latina’s back sides yet tell the Black community to STFU. BTW, I’m Black and usually vote Republican but not this time. Rommney and his religion are freaking racists.

  • Lisa

    on the one thand she, of coursee, has the right to her opinion sand to share that opinion stupid as it icon the other the content of character that Romney hdisplayed so far indicates that he has none he will say whatever he thanks he needs to at the moment which will change again for the next audience he finds himself in front of he has more policies than allstateatte at this itpoint and his math doesn’t add upRachel Maddow has a not sire who section called Mitt”s mendacity on her blog it is I’m not sure how on the one thand she, of coursee, has the right to her opinion and to share that opinion stupid as it icon the other the content of character that Romney hdisplayed so far indicates that he has none he will say whatever he thanks he needs to at the moment which will change again for the next audience he finds himself in front of he has more policies than allstateatte at this itpoint and his math doesn’t add upRachel Maddow has a the term “traitor applies to this statement (does her being black require her to vote for Obama?for anyone leaning toward voting for him required it is required reading

  • shalee53

    It’s a free country and even though I disagree with her and feel strongly that President Obama deserves another four years to get the country on a descent track she shouldn’t be disrespected.

  • Sheluv2shop

    I voted for Romney also. However, I voted for Obama the first time. I was attacked in my own community called a sellout, retard and stupid veteran. It is absolutely disgusting how we bash someone for their own opinions. I voted for who I felt was more in line with my principles. I usually remain silent when my friends talk about the election because it becomes a verbal attack if I add my views. It doesn’t help that my current boyfriend is white funny, they believe he brainwashed me. Funny, he voted for Obama and respects my choices. We need to learn to respect each other decisions and leave it alone.

  • pecola smith

    Entitled to her opinion. But she will pay the price for it. Hope she get hired by Hollywood republican movie mogul to do films and repubs support her films since her acting career is non existent.

  • Big Al

    You see we have black racists, just like we have white racists! Leave Stacy the fu…..k alone!She has the right to stand up for what she believes; and because you or I dont agree has nothing to do with her! I’ll stand with her, and watch her back. Oh and i am a GUN owner also!

  • Thatwuzup

    I think she is entitled to her opinion and should not be criticized for it. I too voted for Obama in 08 and then Romney in 12. I vote for who my morals and values tell me too.

  • hawk

    guess what, not every black is not a Democrat, and not every white male over 30 is a Republican, I used to a Republican, and moved to an Independent, because The Republican party has moved so far over to the radical right, they lost me.. But, I am NOT a Liberal, and certainly not a Democrat.

    moderate is becoming a dirty word, to both parties, we are harder to control and manipulate. We prefer to listen to ALL the info, and make our own decisions.