Gym Flow: 20 Best Workout Pieces

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Spring is here, and summer is near. Get the coolest kicks, sassy sweats, and other gear to help motivate and look great while you’re up in the gym just workin’ on your fitness. All the season’s greatest picks from our friends at Essence, after the jump.

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  • Mia

    All I need is 10 pound dumb bells, resistance bands, jump rope and Olympic bar. I recently purchased an ab roller(10 bucks) and that thing will have you on bed rest for two days.

  • Melanieeeee

    It doesn’t seem like the person who put this together works out at all. What excercise would those Adidas sneakers be matched with? And the price tag :-0 ! Some of the other items were priced realllllly high too. I know that’s not the writers fault BUT idk if I would consider an $180 sweater the BEST for the GYM that’s not what working out should be about (high price tags). The baby g is overkill you can go to Walmart and get a watch. Where are the weight lifting gloves?

  • Diso98

    And WHO may I ask is gyming in a $180 half leather sweater?