So Fresh & So Clean: 15 Fashion Forward OutKast Moments

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Let's be clear, Outkast doesn't need approval. They understand innovative style, funk and what it truly means to be fresh and creative. Just a few days ago the Atlanta duo closed out the first day of Governors Ball Music Festival in NYC and word is that the Southern rap pioneers stole the show. According to, "Andre and Big Boi emerged to the bouncy pandemonium of "Bombs Over Baghdad," and didn't let up on the gas until several songs in, playing classics that both new and old Outkast devotees could appreciate, including "Rosa Parks," "Atliens," and "Skew It on the Bar-B." Of course they were dressed in their funky finest. From well-tailored pimp suits to jerseys and A's caps, grills and rainbow pants, wigs and bow-ties, Outkast never follow trends, create their own patterns and are true leaders. It's evident in everything they have done, which includes their music.

When GQ magazine asked Andre 3000 if British style influences him he replied:

Man, it's influenced America period. American style is based on English style - hat's off to English style. America and England have got this cool relationship; it's always back and forth with dress and with music. You do one thing, we do another, you react from that, we react from this. It's a good healthy thing going on.

The trendsetting duo are also teaming up for a long-term reunion tour with 40 appearances at music festivals across the continent! Get dates here. In the meantime, take a look at 15 Fashion Forward Moments of OutKast's that rock.

So Fresh & So Clean: 15 Fashion Forward OutKast Moments

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  • Andile Mokoena

    No wonder they broke up, Andre 2999.95 looked like he came out of Ross Matthews’s jean back pocket.