Try These 13 Colorful Box Braid Styles for Summer Fun

Now the girls are really obsessed with the 90’s iconic style – box braids. This style rose in popularity around 3 decades ago.  The social media is bombarded with different ways to style the box braids. You could go to my site to learn more about it.

The modern iterations of the box braid are with metallic beads, colorful highlights and so on. If you are tired of tying ponytails and topknots, you could go for box-braids that are versatile and elegant in style.  Different ways to style the bob braid are mentioned below.

Tied up- The box braid could be knotted with rainbow colors to give it a fresh and vibrant look.

Bohemian Babe- You could opt for a mile long box braid. The wavy loose texture towards the end would give a carefree, easy, bohemian vibe which is totally apt for summer fun.

Fauxhawk- This is the most stylish and is not just only for a stereotypical rocker.  This style will look great for anyone.

Fishtail braid- One can look incredible with the side-swept jumbo fishtail braid. It is a flattering hairdo which you could choose to style your hair when you wish to change things a little.

Frayed ends- In order to give a unique look for your box braid, you can pull out the tips of the braids to give a crimped cool effect. Also, if you want to be daring, you can opt to braid the hair in pastel or bright hue.

Box braid bob- Flowing, long braids are lovely, but it could get heavy at times.  If you don’t like long braids, you could go for box braid bob hairstyle.  It highlights the face structure and is quite easy to maintain. They don’t weigh your hair down and at the same time give the 90’s vibe.

Space buns- You could have some fun with the space buns. You could tie the hairs as two buns and let some hair down in back to give a spunky look.

Crown braid-Putting up the braid like a crown is perfect for an elegant night out.

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