Hair Icon: 11 of Kimberly Elise’s Hottest Natural Hair Moments

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Being natural in Hollywood is a rarity, but as of late things are changing. Set it Off actress Kimberly Elise has been sitting pretty on many natural hair blogs lately. The naturalista recently went natural and discussed why:

“Around 2000, after years of color, relaxers, weaves, you name it, I had finally had enough,” admits Elise. “I had enough of the burning scalp and scabs on my ears. I stopped putting chemicals in my hair altogether and went back to wearing a press-and-curl and would add in extensions for different styles. One day, I saw a photo of myself on the red carpet wearing long, straight hair down my back and I realized that I didn’t even look like myself. I said to myself, ‘Who is that? That’s not me.’”

The 47-year-old looks beautiful with or without natural hair. We've rounded up some of her hottest looks! Take a look:

Hair Icon: 11 of Kimberly Elise's Hottest Natural Hair Moments

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  • cece

    Beautiful! I love it.

  • DeDee82388

    She’s awesome I love Hit The Floor

  • Never Gave A F

    she got a ugly pretty thing happening but ill still smash

  • sixfourfella

    Good job, way to take care of your own real hair,,,stay classy & s3xy

  • MacingFacing

    She is such a good actress. Happy she is still making moves and taking care of her hair.