Breaking News = Horrible: Coby Tucker, 10-Year-Old, Shoots Sister Ashley Tucker, Kills Himself: Cops


Violence, violence, and more and guns equal a bad mix, especially when it leads to a homicide.

According to Huffington Post:

Deputies said a 10-year-old boy shot his 15-year-old sister multiple times and then shot and killed himself on Thursday night.

Both children were rushed to Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston, according to the Huntsville Item. Coby Tucker was pronounced dead on arrival while his sister Ashley Tucker underwent surgery for multiple gunshot wounds and was listed in stable condition.

Deputies have yet to establish a motive for the shooting.

"The 10-year-old gained access to a handgun, he walked into the 15-year-old's room and discharged the weapon multiple times in the direction of his sister," Det. Gregory Williams said, according to KPRC.

Click2Houston reports that officials have not said whether the children's parents will face any charges. Deputies have never been called to the family's home before.

“There is no reason for us to believe that this was a case of negligence by the parents,” Walker County Sheriff Clint McRae said, according to the Item. “The firearm was in a secure safe, but the boy was somehow able to gain access. This is a terrible tragedy that happened and our thoughts are with the family.”

Source: Huffington Post

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  • DaRedNeckKing

    The Firearm was in a secure safe(WHAT) but the kid somehow got into it!!! “I guess it wasn’t that safe HUH..

    • Miss Truth Hurts

      Another setup by the government to get the GREEN LIGHT to ban fire arms. They want us helpless once the NWO is put into play. More MK-Ultra’d puppets will be shooting up schools, business, and households . Just watch the news. They are not even trying to space these “attacks” out….Like really 3 in 1 months? They REALLY think people are that stupid & dont realize whats going on….Well 80% of people are SHEEP tho.

  • JermainesWifey502

    If it was “secure”, I wonder how he managed to open it? He had to get the key or code, depending on the type of safe it was, from someone.

    • Jenn E. Penny

      if it was in a secure safe, the code must of been a birthday or something, and it also means the boy was determined to find it, idk what his sister did to make him so mad, but this was no accident, he aimed and fired

      • John LeGette

        A safe is not secure if a ten year old can open it no matter whether it’s by code or key. It may be securable, but it wasn’t secured.

        • Nenah

          Thank you!

    • Me

      When I was young I had a knack for breaking into my parents safes,lockboxes,combo locks and what have you,and I started that at about 8.I was very determined,it was like a if this kid wanted in he was gonna find a way.

      • covert1968

        Horse manure ! I have a safe with three locks, regular combination, finger combination and a key lock like the type of secure keys used in government locks ! Of course it cost $1800.00 on sale !

        • Rodolfo Arriaga

          My uncle had one of those and my cousin could open it in less than a minute. JermainesWifey is right.

          • Top Scientist

            You’re an idiot. No decent safe can be opened by a child, or even an adult who isn’t an expert, without the combination or power tools.

          • whitey joe young

            full of carp Rudolfo

      • Stephanie Vansteen

        well then they shouldnt have a gun then.

  • this is bullshit

    He is 10 yrs old, why does he even know where the gun is kept

    • Bob Jones

      Listen liberal morons, kids are smart. They will always figure a way to break into anything locked when they want to gain access to it (guns, alcohol, money). Short of not having a gun at all, I’d say the parents did the best they could. I’m sure you would be much happier if he had snick up behind her and stabbed her to death. Then there would be calls to ban knives or questions about why the parents didn’t have the knives locked up. Of course, I know the bed-wetting wet-panty liberals here will stomp around and scream about what horrible parents they are. You are all just waiting to be victims yourselves. Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

      • victor caruso

        i can bet my life you are good old boy republican…which equates to asshole in most peoples books..that gun should have been under lock and key..not hidden…furthermore those gun toting republican parents now have the rest of their lives to ponder why the fuck they needed a handgun in the first place…and by the will always be an idiot!!

        • Gebinsk

          Instead of betting your life, you could just Google “Bob Jones”.

        • allie G

          Hahahaha how you gonna sell drugs without a gun…has the black man figured that one out?

          • Janice Tillman


        • TJ

          “to ponder why the fuck they needed a handgun in the first place”
          Spoken like a slave. The first gun laws in America were to prevent blacks from owning guns. Now why do you think that was? Get a clue. Freedom has no race boundary. If every black slave in America had access to arms, how long do you think slavery would have lasted? So, why do people feel the need to own guns? Because history teaches that government is the primary mode of unnatural death and slavery to the average human. A well armed populace is the only proven method, thus far, in impeding the natural tendencies of government. Due to slave mentalities such as yourself, America is slipping into despotism.

          • Nwttp

            Only other logic minded person in a world of worthless stupid comments.

      • 1badasschick

        just stfu & have several seats,that is all.

      • Stefano De Santis

        A lot easier for a 15-year old girl to stop a 10-year old boy with a knife, or run away from him. Wouldn’t you say ?

        • TJ

          No, you are deadly wrong. At close range, a knife is far more deadly than a handgun. The gun vs. knife scenario is almost always interpreted incorrectly by people that have little to know training in killing people with handguns and/ or knives.
          Survivability of a handgun wound is around 85%. Also, more people are murdered by baseball bats in America each year than guns. The homicides by guns statistics in America are severely skewed due to gangs. Regardless of securing techniques and/ or laws, gangs will still do what they do. Also, the neighbors will continue to abide by “don’t snitch.”
          The kids in my immediate and extended family start learning how to shoot and hunt with real guns, never fake toy guns or video games because it teaches the absolute wrong idea of what a gun is, by the time they are 5 or 7-years-old. I would like to know if the family was feeding this 10-year-old any SSRI drugs to “treat” ADHD or similar fake issues used to profit big pharma.
          The most dangerous weapon ever made is the human mind, all else are just tools.

          • tonycobb

            Wrong!! you dont know how far away he was when his sister first saw him. That being said, your whole theory flies out the window. (on the merit that your theory doesnt at all account for the ability to escape). I’ve seen the studies that you are referring to an none of them account for that. So, Stefano is right. Try common sense. It will alert you to spin every time.

            The speed that a knife can get to you depends on the foot speed or arm strength of the person wielding the knife (a 10 year old kid). The speed that a bullet can get to you depends on the charge of the round. Which would you rather run from?

          • tonycobb

            How can the statistics be skewed because of gangs? That makes no sense!! If someone dies from a gun shot wound, THEY DIED FROM A GUN SHOT WOUND.

            And the thing about more ppl dying from bats…… that’s just a straight up lie. LOL

          • hashtagabuse

            I don’t think so.



          • Don’tbestupid

            You are very wrong! Gun deaths in America are tracked by the FBI and not “skewed” because of gangs. Gun deaths in America happen in every city, town, county and rural community. It kills me when I hear someone say “I can’t believe that would happen in this town”! Small town America is where most Police Officers are killed. Small town America is where some of the most heinous crimes are committed and Small town America is the majority of America.

            You are more likely to die from a firearm related incident than you are from a knife related incident. If you think that is BS, ask an EMT or healthcare provider. Throwing out fictitious “facts” only confuses the lay person and plants more seeds of ignorance. While this country has evolved into a fear based society (and the truth should never be brought into the equation), common sense should still apply.

            Your opinion, while argumentative and full of propaganda, is still covered by the 1st Amendment; It’s just too bad that the truth is not.

          • Nwttp

            And that is where you get your fact from? Asking a few emt’s and/or health care providers? Sounds efficient…pffft

          • Top Scientist

            “Also, more people are murdered by baseball bats in America each year than guns.”

            Wow, you are REMARKABLY stupid.

            The statistic is that there are more people killed by ALL BLUDGEONING WEAPONS than by ASSAULT WEAPONS. If you actually think there are more people murdered by baseball bats than all guns, you are seriously too stupid to live.

          • amsmith83

            This entire post is a lie! What does it say about the messed up message your are trying to spread if you have to LIE to make your point? I think it says your message is WRONG.

          • kelly

            I agree anyone who has taken a guard safety course knows that knives are automatically considered deadly force weapons and can be fired upon after the initial warning. They are just as dangerous if not more dangerous then guns.

        • Shannon Martin

          So, he waits for her to be sleeping, stabs her to death and then that makes the argument valid? No matter WHAT was banned or unavailable, that boy in the mind set that he was in was going to find a way to kill his sister AND himself. There is an issue going on there, and it is NOT with firearms or weapons, it is with that 10 year old boys MIND. That should be the only discussion going on anywhere.

      • Ras

        Bob, you are an IDIOT. This tragedy involving the children has nothing to do with politics.

        • Eric in Sacramento

          EVERYTHING is political.

          • Gebinsk

            The sun? Bread? What about dinosaurs? Would dinosaurs support an Adam Smith-style free market wherein they are free to hunt and forage at will if they knew it would mean parasitizing the resources that could save them in a worldwide natural disaster? Do tell.

        • ff_emt

          It has EVERYTHING to do with politics.

          • KrSpo

            Yes, time to get rid of the Conservatives from government so we can get rid of the guns next.

          • allie G

            Behind every blade of grass is a rifle…that would be suicide. So please go ahead. The world could use one less nigg…i mean liberal

          • Janice Tillman


          • Harvey Lain

            Spoken like a true communist. Maybe you could just kill all of the conservatives. You know,kind of like the Taliban vs the infidels (everyone else) or maybe like Hitler and the Jews. People like you are exactly why the 2nd amendment was written by our forefathers.

          • smokehill

            Another National Socialist, just like your buddy Adolf

      • YolaHippie

        so you couldn’t state your opinion without insulting someone?

        • danae

          That angered me too but I have no problem insulting ANYONE with such a lack of respect of anything. I can/will go down to there level, its the only language that gets through a fat headed, product of “deliverance” country.Nothing but white trash.My apologies if that offends you, I am standing up for those he felt necessary to call such ugly names. For those above that,stay strong, I got this one <3

          • allie G

            I bet you proudly voted Obama didn’t you. You act like him.

          • Janice Tillman


          • Aidan Khaos

            You must be an inbred backwoods dweller. You act like one. Shut the fuck up, you dumb bitch.

          • Harvey Lain

            Spoken like a true nigger. Which isn’t to say that all blacks are niggers. You fit the bill though. Even if you happen to be white.

          • Montana Man

            And your language proves that you are a worthless, lowlife individual. You care nothing about how your behavior shames your parents who brought you into this world.

          • allie G

            House Nigger

          • Janice Tillman


        • allie G

          I wasn’t offended, then again I’m not a liberal idiot

          • Matthew J Bailey

            Yeah, just a run of the mill idiot.

      • danae

        Listen degenerate fucking half wit, you’re argument is even more disturbing than the horrific acts that took place. If you’re truly that angered by the outrage and sadness the people are expressing over FAILING at there obligation of protecting these children, you need to take a long look as to why that is. they were just plain careless with where they left there shit.Guns have no place in a kids world. These parents most certainly wouldn’t agree or appreciate the offensive and ignorant rants of someone with no self control or class defending them or heartbreaking lesson they had to experience to finally open there eyes. Nothing to do with personal beliefs and right to have weapons. But-those kids should never have been aware of the presence of such in the home. They’ll think it’s “cool” will want to play with it, show off if you will. This poor little boy had some some deep phsycological issues going on that took a lot of time and darkness that was ignored continuously to get to such a state/level darkness, slipping further and further from reality. He was very ill and I’m sure suffered great self loathing for something that he never should have endured on his own.I believe in ones right to defend themself, but first the law would and should be doing the world a favor by making it illegal for pigs like you to have that choice. Grow the hell up, you can’t even control your radically hyped up child that you have not yet learned to control. First must come one’s ability to overcome such haste and stupidity. On behalf of the parents of this tragedy-shut the fuck up.

        • allie G

          Quit trying to look cool. No one finds your pretentious Obama loving attitude amusing.

          • Janice Tillman

            YOUR A SICK PIECE OF SH%%%

          • Janice Tillman


      • KrSpo

        Listen conservative baby killer, kids re not smart enough to bust into a safe. This kid’s parents sucked at being PARENTAL, now one baby is dead, another severely injuried. Oh, and STFU, noone wants to hear your guns don’t kill them thar people’s, .. nonsense.

        • allie G

          You’re the one who supports Abortion mr infantcide

        • Aidan Khaos

          Kids are smarter than you think. You obviously lack in the IQ department yourself.

          • Top Scientist

            Smart has nothing to do with it if the gun is properly secured, half-wit.

      • kiki

        but society is not having a problem of mass stabbings, drive by stabbings, or accidental stabbings. There are LOTS of ways to harm or kill if that’s ur intent (or not) but if stabbing someone was as clean and easy as pulling a trigger then, maybe u might have a point.

        • Rodolfo Arriaga

          It is as easy and a shooting is no cleaner than a stabbing.

        • Aidan Khaos

          There have been many mass stabbing and bombings and such. -.-

      • tonycobb

        So you are saying that what happened is acceptable?

      • Top Scientist

        Uh, what makes you so sure he’s a liberal, you sad little half-wit? Because he’s concerned about how a child got ahold of a gun and murdered his sister with it?

        Also, imbecile, it’s not hard to completely secure a gun. The parents screwed up. It is perfectly obvious that they DID NOT do “the best they could.” Unless maybe they’re as dumb and useless as you obviously are.

      • easton

        utterly ridiculous, I have a safe you can’t open much less a ten year old, and if you can easily open it I will sue the safe maker for lying. And your name calling is the hall mark of a deeply insecure individual.

        And yes, I am sure the parents will feel very safe now that their kids are dead…and if your argument that children can get into any safe then the correct choice is to have no gun at all. You do realize you therefore make no sense at all, right?

  • Donald Macdonald

    The parents ARE responsible. Any other comment is stupid and these parents should be sterilized – once and for all.

    • JMdona

      It’s stupid to blame the parents when it was clearly stated that the gun was secured in a locked safe, sadly the blame belongs with the 10 year old who deliberately retrieved, aimed and fired the gun MULTIPLE times at his sister. I say this because I don’t know anyone more computer, password and access savvy then adolescent and teenage boys when it comes to decoding and hacking into secured sites, remember the young boy who hacked into the military’s heavily confindential site? Now we could lay blame at the multiple video games that encourage bank robbery, grand auto theft and weapon training with target practice as part of the software, or maybe the internet itself that makes such things as bomb making and other weaponry instructions accessible to anyone with the ability to log on and navigate a search engine, but the fact is this 10 year old displayed extreme rage and a suicidal capability that suggests a deeper mental issue was the issue here. To blame the parents without investigation when they so easily could have been unaware is ridiculous. We can only try to protect and shield our children but no matter how safe we may attempt to make our homes and surroundings; there’ll always be someway to bypass security measures. This is not necessarily a case of negligence or even a case of irresponsibility by the parents and it certainly provides no evidence to warrant sterilization. It’s easy to pass judgement on someone’s circumstance until we are faced with a similar crisis.

      • KrSpo

        Are you stoned? If it were ‘secured’ a 10 year old would not have shot himself and his sister. Re-read your comment and stop being an idiot!

        • allie G

          are you retarded? Secured and Locked are two totally different things, lol
          figures the looney left would have an asinine illogical approach to the argument

    • Alexis Morris

      if he were 3 maybe

    • Janice Tillman


  • thedoggonetruth

    What about the gun and the bullets being kept locked up separately? That could work and it’s one recommendation for having a weapon in the home with children.

  • Patrice MsMagic Austin

    it didnt say the sister died….did she? This is so horrible

  • John Shadeck


  • sscarzz

    Your not suppose to kill yourself in games.

    • ff_emt

      But in today’s fantasyland of games, movies, & television, the characters always get up to go on & make another film or game…

      • allie G

        hahaha lolwut?

    • allie G


    • Aidan Khaos

      People who blame games and movies, are just as retarded as people who blame the weapons.

  • eddyjames

    Anyone that is determined can open a combination lock given enough time, just work through the combinations.

  • karl59

    Where are the parents?

  • Dez

    this kid had to be on some type of anti-depresssant its a shame nonetheless

  • TulaDamita

    And the Darwin award goes to…God, you American’s are a breed of morons. They should march you off to death camps. Do the world a favor.

    • effinayright

      And what Third World hellhole do YOU come from?

      • StephenStreet

        Ha, Ha. She does not come from a third world country but she does have a lot of time on her hands. My guess is that she is single, fat, and British. She has so many re-blogs that it would point to the fact that she has no job. She has no original statements but typical snarky comments everywhere she goes on the ‘net…

      • allie G

        LOL i bet you lived in Chicago next to the Obamas. Don’t worry, I’d think it was a shit hole too if I had to stare at that asshole all day

        • Kelly

          Every one… Where are the adults here? No wonder the country is going in the direction it is. We’re fucked if this is all the United States has to offer -_-

    • James Beapukin

      Perhaps you should come over and help round us morons up, Tula.

  • pecola smith

    Parents should be proud. Gun was used for its purpose to kill. Have gun chances this will happen more often than not.

  • Ken Gardner

    This all goes back to Gun Owner ship .. You have got to teach your kids what is right an what is wrong . How to handle a gun and point it in a safe direction. I can tell you one thing a 10 year old child should not be playing violent Video games because this is what happens!

  • whitelightning777

    The sociopath himself, that’s right the 10 year old, is responsible. Had he survived, I’d support locking him up for life or execution. The criminal is and should be held responsible for his behavior. Even a 10 year old knows it is wrong to shoot someone to death. If you think banning guns would keep sociopathic animals like this from striking I have one word for you…. gasoline.

    • gallen408

      Are you a tard? I support firearm freedom and am FAR to the left just so you know. And from experience I also don’t believe that video games in the hands of teenagers lead to violence however, HOWEVER a 10 year old child is going to have far more trouble separating reality from fiction, especially if in a disturbed mental state (eg: angry, jealous) as a child.
      That kind of punishment is ridiculously severe and leaves the child in a position to likely be in a situation to commit crime to survive as an adult upon release. What the hell is wrong with this society and it’s fight for “justice” (vengeance)? Our frantic race to deliver the most severe punishment is what brought us here.

      • allie G

        Thats Obamas attitude towards the proserous. Blame king nig nog for spreading the hate in the media

    • Janice Tillman


    • Gaviney

      Are you SURE a 10 year old knows that? Kids don’t even start developing the concept of death until that age. It could be argued he didn’t know the effect was permanent. He may not have known exactly what he was doing. It’s his fault. He is the reason his little hand was on a gun and pulled the trigger. But can he be blamed? It was really somebody else’s responsibility to teach him right from wrong, and keep him safe from disasters like this. If he had gotten a hold of a knife his parents had left too low on the shelf, we would declare them negligent. It was wrong of them to leave it somewhere he could reach it. so too with this gun.

  • StephenStreet

    The problem is not the gun.
    It is the untrained gun owners who think that the “impossible” will never happen.
    Man, just go to any place where guns are sold. Watch the people.
    Many of those buyers are people you would not want as neighbors regardless of the background check.
    How do you weed out the freaks and fruitcakes from the “Normal” buyer?

    Why would you be allowed to own any fire-arm unless you had mandatory safety classes?
    My guns were owned by my father. He killed squirrels because his father did it for food.
    I have no intention of shooting any “game” animals.
    There is no point. It is expensive. It is a waste of time.
    As for home invasion, that is another matter.
    The “game” comes to you and you don’t have to skin it or gut it…

    • sportsfreekrus

      u will be the first to cry when the game eat u flowers

    • allie G

      most of them are shady drug dealers who ironically enough vote liberal hahahaha

      • Janice Tillman


  • Raku Narrator

    Fuck that little demon seed!

  • ff_emt

    I just don’t get it. My father had his service revolver in our home the entire time we 5 kids (including one with Down Syndrome) were growing up; never did any of us even think about abusing it. And it was in an easily-accessible spot, had we chosen to be so foolish: top shelf in a kitchen cupboard, back in the corner, above dinnerware. We didn’t find it accidentally, we were told specifically, should we ever need to use it for self/family-defense. My dad wasn’t stupid or careless, rather he educated us about its use and abuse. There are too many stupid people running around today, NOT educating their kids if they have weapons in the home – and, worse – they’re breeding! True, I come from a different generation; we didn’t have our brains bred out of us.

  • KrSpo

    Anyone want to argue the merits of gun ownership now? pfft

    • allie G

      A)Sport. i.e. hunting, competition
      B)Self defense against psychopaths
      C)Collectors i.e. antiques, artisan collectibles, historical significance.
      D) Obama is going to pay double to buy back guns (people see it as an opportunity to cash out)


  • allie G

    You people need to buy a fucking dictionary. Secure doesn’t mean locked. Get over yourselves, don’t use a tragedy to try and look cool or intelligent. You look vain.

    • TedYost.45ACP

      A weapon in an unlocked safe is NOT secure according to the ATF. By law, my automatic weapons are REQUIRED to be SECURED in a safe. That means LOCKED.
      I’ll bet you understood the previous sentence as it was only 3 words in length.

  • perseus317

    A 10-year old was able to “gain access” to the safe??? How stupid are the parents that they can’t keep a 10-year old kid from gaining access? Did they write the combo down on card where the kid could find it? Was it a birthdate of someone in the family? It is true that losing the two children is probably punishment enough for the parents, but people who have guns in houses where there are young children HAVE to exercise enough common sense to make it impossible for the children to access the guns unless the parents want the children to have access. Sadly, in the gun control debate that is going to be waged in the next few months, very little attention will be paid to the common sense (or lack of it) of the people who own the guns, and there is no way to prevent law-abiding IDIOTS from buying guns.

  • hawk

    THE NRA will call it a “sad situation, and that more gun sales is the answer

  • jamaljenkumx

    Come on cracka shoulda helt dat gat sideways cuz dats how we crips do it in da hood.

  • Tony Mutual

    That’s what happens when you take God out the picture!

  • Janice Tillman


  • Janice Tillman


  • chitownpeter

    The posts here are hilarious! Thanks for the laughs, krak me up!

  • Matthew J Bailey

    Just inexcusable. Their should be penalties for allowing children to get to a gun. Period.

  • blck ggg


  • Harvey Lain

    Has it occurred to anyone that a ten-year-old who shoots his fifteen year old sister and then himself might be just a little bit fucked-up? Bleeding-heart liberals always want to put the blame on anyone but the person committing the crime and that is exactly what this was no matter the age. Some people are just born evil and don’t belong in society.

  • Wendy Jean

    You all are so cruel to each other!! AlleyG what is your problem…you have issues…and kids can get into almost anything if they are that determined. I used to use a deadbolt on my bedroom door, my son FOUND ways to get into my room EVERY SINGLE TIME and it drove me NUCKIN FUTS. I changed locks, locked my windows, I think I repaired those doors a dozen times, it was impossible to keep him out. If you don’t know all the facts, how can any of you JUDGE the parents? and you KNOW right well the media NEVER gets the facts right.

  • Tellyawut

    “There is no reason for us to believe that this was a case of negligence by the parents,” Walker County Sheriff Clint McRae said, according to the Item. “The firearm was in a secure safe, but the boy was somehow able to gain access. WTF!? It is neglect! They neglected to ensure the kids didn’t know the combination! That’s the only reason I have a gun safe. To keep kids out! I’m not worried about someone breaking in and finding my guns. I hide my guns very well where I can readily access one if needed. Now that I have kids in my home, I had to buy a safe, because kids have knack for finding stuff. If this kid just had a talent for safe picking then damn, tough luck. A good butt-whooping will keep a nosey kid out of your room too. Still, there are ways this could have been prevented. Not owning a gun is not one of them for you anti-gunners out there.

  • Unaware

    Let me ask this one question. Was he on MEDS. and assuming he was…what meds…

  • Unaware

    In a secure safe? So we have a 10 year old wiz safe cracker….he had a long career in crime if he wanted it. I don’t believe this story for a second. Everything seems very odd

  • Unaware

    I love how they never know what made the kid so angry. We have adam lanza….no idea…we have loughner…no idea….we have james holmes…we have no idea

  • Unaware

    we have crazy kids. crazy…like apesnit crazy. Killing their own sister over probably tinker toys. Kids and guns don’t mix when you have bratty little blips in the system. Get a well-raised intelligent little man and a gun will be just fine. That way he can defend himself from the spoiled, neglected, drugged up, mistake that these parents called their kid

  • Unaware


  • Unaware

    are my posts not posting?

  • Unaware

    you kidding me?

  • juan

    over and over again, gun in the house it’s a time bomb, we must ban guns from our society.

  • DinoMack

    all these libtards who think that guns cause the most deaths in our country are the ones too stupid to live 😉

  • Hondo

    What ever happened to the LAW regarding NOT releasing the name of minors in crimes and as victims? this story smells fishy.

  • DonnaRoberts

    If only the sister had had access to a firearm, she would be alive today! Doesn’t the NRA tell us that guns make females safer?? Oh, and we need personal accountability for misuse of a firearm. That boy should be seriously punished for not utilizing the gun for its intended use.

  • DonnaRoberts

    If only the sister had had access to a firearm, she would be alive today! Doesn’t the NRA tell us that guns make females safer?? Oh, and we need personal accountability for misuse of a firearm. That boy should be seriously punished for not utilizing the gun for its intended use.

  • DonnaRoberts

    If only the sister had had access to a firearm, she would be alive today! Doesn’t the NRA tell us that guns make females safer?? Oh, and we need personal accountability for misuse of a firearm. That boy should be seriously punished for not utilizing the gun for its intended use.

  • Steve Wilson

    Whatever the means/way he got hold of that gun for..I mean..What’s his sister done to him that he had to harm her and take his own LIFE?! I mean if a 10 year old can’t see the future anymore than what should mature people see? Unless he’s not the first to commit this (crime)..then it must be hard to figure out, ain’t it?.. :@)

  • Kwasi Asante

    Let’s just put a tank in everybodys home and get it over with. No more lies or propaganda by the NRA or any other side. We will eventually get there at the rate we are going. A secure safe does not mean it’s made of metal and needed a code to open. These things will continue to happen and we will still debate them until it happens in your family. We’ve heard the saying that guns can’t kill simply by owning one, well neither does grenade launchers or a bazooka.

  • badone

    damn parents need to keep a tab on there guns better

  • A_Sound_Bite

    Sad, of course, but this is no reason to limit the public’s access to guns. We need them for protection. Tons of bad people are out there. While under immediate threat of attack or attack itself, I likely will not have time to wait for the police to come and protect me. Besides, is there anything in the U.S. Constitution or U.S. Supreme Court rulings that says police are obligated to “protect” me? In spite of what is written on the side of some police cars (e.g., “To Serve and Protect”), I think not.

  • Walter James Duke

    10-year-old with a handgun a pretty good indicator “that this was a case of negligence by the parents.”

  • whitey joe young

    secure safe was not secure enough. parents need to own it.

  • RJ Gomez

    Awww America’s Gun Control Laws working at its best…. Its ok its ok the laws are just fine, what can go wrong? Lolz bunch of idiots.

  • Marny F

    Monkey see, monkey do.
    I wonder how many video games the 10 yo played … learning how to shoot.
    Who knows what triggers anyone, young or old, to do harm to others and self.
    More violence is done in ‘the’ home than elsewhere. Isn’t that a fact?
    How about banning cars since there are more auto deaths than deaths by airplane.
    How about stopping wars?
    How about banning religion!!!! Now THERE is something deadly to human beings!!!

  • Nathaniel Copeland

    Maybe the boy knew the combination of the ‘secure’ safe but all that is besides the point. Handling a firearm is not a joke, at least not for a 10 year old kid and I am pretty sure video games and violent movies did not teach him how to recover from and compensate for recoil and of course the very basic ‘turn off the safety before you shoot’. Mentally unstable 10 year olds usually spend more time with imaginary friends than contemplating gun violence.

    If the kid did not learn from seeing his folks use the gun, I am not very sure how else he could have pulled it off.

  • Steven S

    If you own a firearm, and it is not secure!! In this case it was not!!!!!!! Really???? WOW!!! The owner is responsible!! This sould be te law!! Right to bear arms, secure it!!

  • Rosalyn Wilcher

    Siblings killing sibs man what is the world coming to, My sis did some dirty low down things to me but I would never have killed her and she did not deserve it. Parents need to keep a eye out for the intense dislike of one child for another.