Happy Birthday Big Will: 15 Super Fly Will Smith Style Moments

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On September 10, 1990 NBC made a certified staple out of Will Smith when The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air premiered. Not to negate Will Smith's prior success as a mega rap star with DJ Jazzy Jeff but it was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that eventually transcended all races. We watched Will Smith go from a charismatic young boy to a married man. We watched him become a father and a movie star legend. Will Smith recently discussed the transparency of his family. He believes that his family is an open book and there are no secrets:

I think for the most part we are transparent in the sense that there’s very few big family secrets. I think that if Jaden or Trey [Will’s son from his first marriage] or Willow were to write a book ten years from now, it will be very similar to what people think. And, the things about our family that are mysteries or seem strange, when they’re explained, it’ll be obvious. You know, the forum of media that we’re in can’t really handle the complexity of things that we say all the time.

Will Smith's also got style! Take a look at 16 of his most super fly fresh moments, his mini-me Jaden Smith is never too far behind. Happy 46th birthday!!

Happy Birthday Big Will: 15 Super Fly Will Smith Style Moments

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