11 Albums About Heartbreak Before Robin Thicke’s ‘Paula’

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Robin Thicke is making an attempt to right the wrong of what we as the court of public opinion suggest are his transgressions (but for real, we have no idea that they just could have been not getting along or something). We have all but gone to Pontius Pilate, freed Barabbas and crucified Robin Thicke for creating and releasing an album dedicated to his estranged wife called Paula.

We have all gone to great lengths at one time or another to try to get our significant others to come running back to us. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Robin Thicke wants to make things right with wife Paula Patton by doing what he does best: writing songs about Paula Patton.

As a musician I can tell you that there is no creative muse greater than a broken heart. Robin Thicke isn't the first person to do this. Here is a list of eleven albums where many of our favorite artists have channeled their pain into music that we could relate to, press play, and emote to..

11  Albums About Heartbreak Before Robin Thicke's 'Paula'

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