Are Celebrity Moms Hurting Regular Moms with their Weight Loss Endorsements?

They’re everywhere and impossible to avoid. Momshells. Super hot and gorgeous celebrity moms whose postpartum fat melted off them with suspicious speeds. Lauded and hailed on the cover of every magazine. “How do you do it” reporters ask mouths agape.

Weight loss is a very hard, yet a significant part in a woman’s life after their pregnancy. It is often considered a great way to get healthier but not easy as it seems so. It is difficult to carry the entire journey from getting conceived to delivery and further in an easy way. The food routine, the sleeping pattern and the stress levels seem to hurt us a lot. We will have a great relieving feeling only when we get a comfortable breath. That happens literally when our body feels light.

After the delivery, of course, there are plenty of methods to reduce weight. We have celebrity moms sharing their experience and sometimes that is bustling in the entire social media and the world out there. We will have to be very conscious about it so that we get into the right track. We will have to get the information that they really seek to tell us and then start interpreting it for ourselves. We will have to see what happens to us in the entire scenario and value our health aspects first. It is up to us how we like the information. If you feel it is right, just take it. If you find that the information will not be a good way to take it forward, just ignore it then and there. Get more tips here and spread your thought process. This will enrich your life in a good way.  The momshells laugh innocently and repeatedly regurgitate the same tired old lines, talking about clean eating and working out.

Heffa please. Give me a break and have a seat.

I know that losing baby weight can come easily to some. It’s totally possible that a momshell or two strolled out of the hospital in her size twos. It was super easy for me after the birth of my first child. Then I got pregnant again when he was about six months old. Fast forward to baby number two and I can now tell you losing baby weight can also be one of the most frustrating and humbling experiences of a woman’s life.