Flashback Friday: Andrea Kelly Of ‘Hollywood Exes’ – Life Without R. Kelly

We previously sat down to talk with VH-1’s hit reality show “Hollywood Exes” star Andrea Kelly. Today we’re taking a look back at the candid interview. Since this time, Kelly has gone through a second divorce from Brian McKee and recently congratulated and supported daughter Jaya, now known as “Jay” on her decision to become a transgendered male. See what was on Kelly’s mind and what she had to say about love, divorce and moving forward in life.

Life is particularly difficult when there is a separation in a family. But one should not let the negativity of the situation affect the circumstances in their day to day life. There should be a meaning to every action we do in the world. If there is no meaning to life then there is nothing to look forward to leading a happy and satisfied future. A divorce is never easy especially from someone whom you loved the most in your life. Such a separation is tiresome and will take a lot of time to come out of.

There is a huge responsibility in picking up where you left off. Such relief will be the turning point in the life of many people. There should be a change that comes over with a lot of room for self-discovery. This path will lead to a lot of revelations and might push a person into another path entirely. Such a rediscovery happened in the life of Andrea Kelly who is very much in her state of comfort now. She has accepted her as she is and is enjoying her life with all that it brings up.

It is better understood when you look at this website and realize that every person goes through such drastic changes in life after a huge life event. There are cases where people take the wrong route and suffer from the problems of depression and lack of self-confidence. Many cases, the person relocates and even find another job and start their lives much differently from their old one. It is a lesson for all such separated people to go through the experiences of Andrea and learn from them.

We’ve come to know Andrea Kelly as the quick witted, straight, no chaser cast member who has stepped out of the shadows of her former musical prodigy and controversial ex-husband, R. Kelly – and hasn’t looked back.