AirAsia, a budget airline in Southeast Asia has begun offering a “Quiet Zone” in its airplanes that is designated for passengers twelve and up. This area is separated from the rest of the airplane by the lavatories and bulkheads in order to prevent the Quiet Zone passengers from being disturbed by the sounds of young children.

A lot of people as it is are horrible fliers. They are extremely nervous about the flying and are not able to have a satisfactory experience. There is a need to make sure the flying experience does not get affected by the continuous and incessant chattering of people around and babies crying. A section of people though do not feel worried and disturbed by the sounds, it is very much difficult to adjust to their sounds.

Younger people get annoyed easily and especially people like businessmen are very much in need of concentration as they go through papers and magazines. They do need a good environment to read while flying and do not wish to be disturbed. Some of them watch movies, but the sounds do not affect them as they use headphones. Certain airplane companies do provide special places to accommodate people seeking silence, which can be used by anyone trying to fly. For a person reading a book, it is important that they finish the book or read at least a part of it.

There should be better facilities for people to enjoy their journey and before traveling it is better to have a peek at this site to understand why a ‘quiet place’ is absolutely necessary to be comfortable and have a safe journey. Most of them travel for a lot of hours around the world and it is cruel not providing their requested services and a safe traveling experience.

We are flying from Boston, Massachusetts to London, UK in a few months. I’m terrified to say the least. I’m a horrible flier as is. Add kids and I am teetering on the fringes of parenting sanity. I flew with my daughter when she was eleven months old and while I didn’t lose my mind I was a sack of nerves. She was a breeze to fly with since she was still nursing. This time around it’ll be me, my husband, my two year old daughter, and three year old son who has never flown before. I’m scared.