Exclusive: Laura Govan of Basketball Wives LA Talks Aligning Family Obligations and Mommyhood


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  • Shellshock

    I’m sure her children are aware of the amount of ratchetness mom keeps up. No child should watch it. Hell it’s too much for me at times

  • Lily

    Wow she lost so much weight! She looks beautiful!

  • Noyaya

    Laura looks like she is sickly. She is so messy on the show. She is a backstabber and talks about everybody. I wish she would just go home, be a MOMMY with her filthy mouth. She looks like a female impersonator. I can’t wait until someone pops her in the mouth.

  • Louisvillegirl

    Laura is not a bully. Tami & Evelyn (Miami) they were definitely. pathetic.

  • laura is a whore

    aura,you are a nasty,,bitter,hateful woman,you have no redeeming qualities at all,you have no class,you cannot forgive and you wage a vendetta on someone who has apologised numerous times to you,you are so horrible and destructive,nobody deserves being treated that way,especially when they have already apologised,move on or get out of the show,you are not entertaining or ‘real’..you are sad,vindictive,really pitiful,focus on your children and your own life, maybe you have nothing,so you must create something to be relevant or important,you are the saddest mxxxxxcer on the show not anybody else,get over yourself,you are not that important to anybody apart from your family and kids,get to fucking stepping off the show or get over your own silly self importance,your shit stinks to high heaven!!