Toddlers with iPads

My kids are 2 and 3 years old. Heading out with them is usually a fun adventure. They’re used to visiting malls, restaurants, and going on road trips since my husband and I have traveled almost nonstop since they were born. But they’re toddlers and toddlers have their moments.

We usually bring the iPad with us if we’re headed to a non child oriented establishment. It’s our security blanket. If someone starts to get loud or cranky we can usually avert disaster with a fun game or movie. We don’t always use it but it’s nice to have it just in case.

Ipads usage has gone up in the age group from 2 to above and it is still a troublesome factor. It is entirely worthwhile to use an iPad while with a child and it is an escape route and no one can question you about it. Children always need their parents with them. It is something of necessity the child has to be considered a burden by some institutions where children are restricted.

Several studies have cropped up regarding the disadvantages of children using iPads and how it negatively affects their mental growth. It is not always about making a child learn something unnecessary. But instead, it is about a child learning to work out a problem, in this case, opening and using an iPad might come in handy especially in dangerous situations where the child should be able to at least call their parent. Unnecessary and excessive use can be curbed and to understand how the world behaves towards people who hand out the pads to their children visit our website. It is important for a child to know the basics but not to get addicted to the technology and growing along healthily.

No child wants to spend a few hours at the mall but it’s a necessary evil. The iPad helps make long trips less painful for everyone.

I noticed recently that when my two-year-old is seated in her stroller using the iPad we receive a lot of sideways glances. Most aren’t friendly looks. I asked my husband whether he noticed it too or if I was being paranoid because I read about some crazed woman stealing an iPad from a 3-year-old. He confirmed that there had been an abundance of salty looks in our direction since we handed our daughter the iPad.