I sincerely thought potty training would break me. The crying, cleaning, and frustration pushed me to the fringes of parenting sanity.

Potty training is something a parent should teach a child about. The child is not a superchild and cannot do such a thing alone. They should be trained properly and go through the process a lot of times to understand how the process actually works. There are a lot of such techniques that need to be kept in mind before starting potty training. There are more information than given below which can be accessed when you visit this website.

It is important to tell the child about potty training all the while making sure the child is able to understand what is going on rather than pushing them to do something they do not want to. In such situations, it is better to read to them or to let them sit on the toilet while taking bath or brushing. It takes a lot of effort to make sure the child understands the situation and not force the child to do something they are not comfortable doing. It will happen but gradually. It does not mean the child will automatically do everything, instead will gradually develop which needs a lot of time and patience.

D not be disappointed but instead, follow what the child wants to do. Rather than pushing them to let them work out what they want. It is always better to be prepared, have an emergency kit at hand like a change of clothes, diapers, napkins so that if they have to go it will be sanitary circumstances with eventually things will definitely get better.

I was on the brink of giving up when the skies parted and bathed me in a soft stream of sunlight as my son decided that he was one hundred percent ready to use the toilet forever. It was exactly like that. I wanted to run through the streets screaming “no more diapers! no more cleaning out the potty! I’m free!”.

It sounds dramatic unless you’ve been there. As someone who’s recently been in the potty training trenches I can tell you that it will get downright scary at times. I promise. However there are a few things to keep in mind before and during the process that might save your sanity.

Be patient.