Teen Mom’s son in dog crate. Totally fine or totally gross?

There is a lot to say about Teen Mom. The controversial show tackles a lot of hot topics from adoption to single parenting and everything in between. It’s difficult to find someone who isn’t passionately in defense or against the show. I’m neutral. I don’t watch it anymore because I’m too exhausted by the time my kids go to bed to do anything but stare at a wall while mindlessly stuffing Oreos in my mouth.

It is not possible for a mother to watch television or follow it if they are in the phase of going through their lives everyday running behind their children without any time for themselves. Until and unless the child has turned old enough to go to play school the mother is in constant wheels with running around them all the time. It is very difficult and very dangerous to let them out of your sight. Even the smallest things can cause accidents especially if there is more than one child.

The child needs constant attention and as a mother one could only do that as much as possible. The biggest trouble is a mom not being able to even shower without keeping the kids in sight. The mother is so exhausted sometimes they do want to yell at their kids. It is not an easy job to make them grow up or even teach them the right things at the right time.

The best advice for a mother would be to do the things she would like to do with the help of the kids. The children will get more than enough time to go around and be with their mother. The challenge lies with how to engage them during that time. It is so important that the child is given all the possible time with the mother but the mother getting exhausted all the time without a second of rest.

However when I was pregnant with my son over 3 years ago I watched 16 & Pregnant religiously during my fits of pregnancy insomnia. I know a bit about the girls and their individual controversies.

Rarely a week goes by that one of the Teen Moms isn’t in the news. Amber Portwood is in jail, Janelle Evans has another questionable boyfriend, and Maci Bookout allegedly let her son ransack a Pacific Sun store.