Why I Avoid Some Classic Cartoons Like the Plague

“Mommy you’re a blockhead!” my son happily exclaimed. I immediately knew who was to blame for my son’s insult. Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin. Well, technically I was to blame for being foolish enough to download the app and let him watch the special but who knew how foul the language on a classic cartoon could be.

A blogger recently wrote about the issue. He thinks it’s time to retire the beloved special due to the bullying and negative messages.

The age of television is slowly vanishing. It is the era of technology at its best with mobile phones and watching information from the childhood appearing in the phones without any kind of payment and the parents letting the kids watch the program as much as they wish. There is a tiresome practice where the children watching classic cartoons also do behave sometimes like them and play around what they saw in such cartoons. It is an extremely unhealthy attitude. The children do watch cartoons in an age where whatever they watch will stick to their brain and they tend to repeat the words again and again.

There are occasions where friends call each other in a friendly manner using nicknames, but name calling towards parents is a strict no. There are problems with a lot of such cartoons and the child blindly following what is told and what they watch. It is not right to make the child pay for it. Another angle comes up when spinach becomes the most eaten vegetable as there was a time the kids believed you become strong if you eat spinach. This is not the case everywhere. Children should be corrected at the same time the parents should screen what the child watches.

The best alternative would be to show them comedies that can make a mark on their everyday activities, teach them good things they can do daily, etc. There are other such shows that can be used by the parents to guide the child right. Cartoons are numerous and the parents are advised to try these out before ignoring few good ones. Children can be guided well but they need to be carefully shaped otherwise everything unnecessary they learn will cause difficulties in their further adventures.

Folks seem outraged at the suggestion and think that parents today coddle their children too much. I disagree.