#YouOkSis? 5 Things to Teach Our Sons about Street Harassment

Ever since 22-year-old Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree in Isla Vista, California back in May conversations about misogyny and violence against women have seemed to reach a fevered pitch.

Fueled by the emergence of Rodger’s rambling 141-page autobiography in which he vowed to murder women he claimed ignored his romantic overtures, a discussion broke out across social media about the blatant, and sometimes violent, harassment women are forced to deal with.

Teaching the kids to stay away from problems especially in the neighborhood schools and with friends is the most important and challenging task for parents in times of so much violence that is seeping into the kid’s memories. Boys especially need a lot of schooling to protect their fellow classmates and the girls in their school, as anyone among them could be their little sister or cousin. Value education in school is high on priority, as well as parents have to nurture the sense of belongingness and responsibility of kids towards the family and society.


We are always teaching the kids mannerism, how to behave well in front of others, yet as parents, we have our duty to have a good atmosphere at home. Family feud, fighting in front of kids, using abusive verbal language has to be strictly avoided as children catch it fast and try to use them when they are outside. Street harassment is the most intriguing and horrible feeling for the children, the girls especially face them and silently withdraws, that often gives more liberty to the person passing lewd remarks. Schools have started teaching and counseling girls to respond in such situations, so that the ego and hate of the men are not triggered yet, put them in their place.

If you are growing up in the most happening city in the world, you will learn how to deal with street harassment from an early age that is how the girl from the school’s vouchers for. Often they comment about being confused initially, her comment is here for all the girls to act instantly to either go away or report the same to the police. Boys have to be disciplined and constantly educated about respecting a woman, the moral values have to be intact and that is the foremost education that has to be imbibed in the young kids today. With support groups helping youngsters to be aware of street harassment, there is a lot more to be done to keep the city safe.