Scroll through your Facebook feed on any given weeknight and you’re sure to find an entertaining array of amusing homework related complaints. Someone’s son didn’t do it. A dog ate it. For real! The preschooler doesn’t like it.


Homework in preschool? Yes ma’am. It’s becoming more commonplace to see young kids swamped with homework before they reach grammar school.

The best part of childhood is the preschool years were kids get to play and have fun while learning; however, those days are just passé. It is not surprising to see kids engrossed in the pages of the worksheet at the end of the day when they are tired and just want to doze off. Yes, the dreaded homework has started haunting the little kids who have just started their preschool. Though giving homework is the best way for the kid to be engaged at home and sit with either of their parents to involve themselves in the kids’ education and daily schedule of how the kid is progressing.

Reinforcing the child of what they learned at school and bring about time management are the many advantages of doing homework, by the kids, the most important thought is about giving the right kind of after school work for the right age. School administration and management have to work in tandem to give age-appropriate work for kids as, share the useful link as most of the time it is the mother or the parent who does half of the school project, while the child is simply playing around. The homework time eats away the time that is meant for the little munchkins to be with their parents and enjoy family time.

For decades, there has been researching about how giving homework has not helped students much, especially the younger kids, who are loaded with too many worksheets that tax their brain a lot. Their time to have fun and play is increasingly being reduced, as they are busy solving the math and other subjects that they cannot even relate in their dreams. Though homework’s are not useless, as they are important for the older kids to rethink on the subject, ask their doubts and questions about the topic to their parents, and gain inputs.

Neither of my kids are enrolled in preschool at the moment but the time is rapidly approaching. Quite frankly I’m scared.