Muddy Landslide, but the 44th President-Elect Barack Obama Came Out Clean

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If you were sleeping tight under a boulder last didn't get the news. Wake up!!! Barack Obama won the Presidential Election by a sweeping landslide...a muddy one to be exact! According to the Associated Press:

✓Obama: Popular 57,719,872 (50%) · Electoral 303
Romney: Popular 55,543,411 (48%) · Electoral 206

The win, huge for Democrats (also in the Senate) is a true conversation piece for the Republican party. Terror-like TV campaigns, bribery, extortion, blacklisting and egotistical measures could not sway many African-American and Latino populations - which are growing in Florida and the Northeast regions. Shall we pull out the maps where Obama dominated?

Hey Fox News: Tell Karl Rove...people lie, numbers don't. And don't blame this on Sandy or Christie!

What were your thoughts about the elections last night? Can Barack Obama clean up what the Bush Era started?

Words By: Kay Konnect

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