After news of the horrendous Krim tragedy made its way through social media there was a lot of public question asking and soul-searching. It’s impossible to comprehend senseless violence but when there are children involved people want answers.

Children safety is more important than anything else when they either enter into a school or college.  You may hear from a piece of news or from any of the social network about the way the children harmed, humiliated or kidnapped and it is the duty of the parents to assure child safety in and around his environment.

Here are the few tips to ensure your kids about his safety and if you want to gain little knowledge about the safety of your kids, you can surf through the net, where you can find many useful blogs and post along with a knockout post which seems to be important to read them without missing it.  Have a look and learn from it.  The following are some of the tips you can teach the child about their safety;

  • Teach parents contact number and ask them to memorize it without forgetting any of the parent’s number. They should remember both the father and mother’s contact number which will help you to reach them at times when you lost your child somewhere in the crowded area.
  • Try to use some code word for your family which will be entrusted by your child so that anyone who is a family member who came to pick him for the school should use this family code word to take him from the school. The child also feels safety with the other family member and trusts him.
  • Teach your children not to talk with any of the strangers who were logging outside the streets either nearby to the school or at the house. Alarm your children about the strangers who may either harm them or kidnap them since is becoming frequent in recent times and it necessitates teaching your child about the strangers too.
  • Ask them to observe their environment and the surroundings in which they exist either in the street or in the school. Ask them to observe what is happening around them and frequently ask them about what they saw and what they have gone through the entire day.
  • Engage them in any of the self-defensive techniques which will help them at the time of emergency to protect them being harmed or kidnapped by someone who is a stranger. Self-defensive techniques are more important for the girls as well as for boys in the present scenario in order to protect them for any danger.
  • Also, have a regular check of your child internet usage and the websites they are in search so that you know better about them. When you have a regular and good control over the internet usage of your child, you can make them use the technology in an effective way.

I read comments and speculation ranging from ridiculous, women shouldn’t work because our kids can’t be trusted with anyone but their parents, to outright mean, clearly something was wrong in this narcissistic woman’s life because she chose to blog about her seemingly perfect existence and portrayed an unrealistic lifestyle.