Being a Mom

Being a mom is ‘out of the world’ feeling. When we saw two lines in my pregnancy strip, I and my husband were on cloud nine, flying high, dreaming about our little bundle of joy. The pregnancy period was full of breeze, love, and care. My little hero arrived on the most awaited day. In my case, I have experienced the worst form of the post-pregnancy syndrome. How I overcame that stress is a different story. Here, in this article, I would like to write about preparing oneself to be able to cope up with post-pregnancy stress.

It is so important to mentally prepare a soon to be a mom for the hardships of motherhood. It is true that even a positive happening like having a baby can be overwhelming. Our body changes drastically in shape and size post pregnancy. Hormonal imbalance, mood swings, and sleep deprivation are inevitable. All these things altogether account for stress. Stress is the emotional and physiological response of our body to environmental changes. So, this is what you should do!

  • It is good to engage yourself in any physical activity like jogging and simple exercises to out race anxiety. Have some private time to do your favorite activity on the Internet, like checking out tools like QProfit System, just for a change. I know, it is hard to find ‘me’ time, still, plan and work it out.
  • Relationship with the partner is vital, as the caring words, admiration, and physical touch can heal the soul.
  • Being a mom is like, one time you will be free, and all of sudden you will be held up with changing diapers, feeding a crying baby and answering a call, all at the same time. Just relax and prioritize the tasks.
  • Weight gain is a very normal throughout the pregnancy phase and post, the baby birth too. Some mommies get stressed over their weight gain, but remember, shedding extra kilos is not an impossible act, proper diet and exercise can do the wonder, sooner or later.
  • The first one year is so crucial for the adaption and the overall development of the baby and it is essential for the parents to be in the baby’s side. A good parent should respond and adapt to the issues that the babies bring in to our lives. This is actually a life-altering, life-enhancing experience.

Being a parent is a bliss. Happy parenting!