Big Night In: Date Night at Home

Before we had our son, friends with kids would tell my husband and I that a night out was a rarity or non-existent. I thought they were just exaggerating. But now I understand the challenges associated with having a night out.
Since having my son twelve months ago my husband and I have still made our time an priority. It’s very important to make time for each other. We do this not just for ourselves but for our family.

It is important that you take out time for your partner else somewhere in the struggle of being a parent your relationship with your partner starts to fade away. It may not be possible to go on a date night every now and then with baby at home, but here is what you can do to still have the warmth and the romantic relationship alive between the two of you.

Keep the date flexible because with a child at home. You may never know when the kid could get sick or get cranky on some days. Also, don’t take stress when preparing for a date night. It should be something that you both should enjoy.

A simple idea of a date night at home could be like this. Try to get help by hiring a baby sitter for the night. Else, ask one of your family members to come and stay with you and help you with the child for a night. In most cases they should agree.

If you are already exhausted with the chores of the day then it is okay if you do not want to cook at home. Cooking at home means lots of preparation and shopping and then cleaning up after that. All that could make you feel more exhausted and in turn, the idea of having a date is lost. Instead, keep the date night simple by ordering food that day.

You could make the night special by doing little bit of decors like lighting candles or lamps and using some scented candles. Pull out your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy some time with each other.

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When it comes to date night, it can be somewhat difficult to keep a standing date. Especially for a first-time parent like myself. A little more planning and consideration must be taken. The days of going out to dinner or catching a movie on a whim have expired or at least been postponed for a little while. The two main reasons are trouble finding a sitter and baby-induced fatigue.

10 Things to do Before You Dye (Your Hair)!

Going for a new hue in the New Year? Whether you’re getting it done professionally or hitting up the at-home hair color aisle, check out these tips to make sure your dye job is to die for!

To get that perfect hair color is not easy and there is a lot of scope for errors. Here is what you need to know if you plan to color your hair.

Here are a number of elements that could cause your hair color to fade away. This includes the sun, the kind of shampoo, conditioner and the hair products that you use and also the frequency at which you wash your hair.

Even if you take good care of your hair, it will fade and this is something that you cannot do much about. The hair grows continuously and you will have to get the touchups done at least in six weeks’ time. It thus means investing time and money. If you cannot afford that then the best is to look for a color shade that is close to your original hair color so that the hair growth is not noticeable.

If you are planning to get your hair colored at a salon then bring the exact picture of the color that you want to color your hair with. Your definition of color may not match that of the salons and this will cause you disappointment. So when you show them the exact picture of the color that you desire then the salon will make sure that you get what you want.

Always use the shampoo and conditioner that is meant for hair that is color treated. This helps to maintain the hair color for long and does not let the hair color to fade away.

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  1. Figure Out Your Natural Hair Color
    Before deciding on a new hue, it’s important to identify your natural shade; that way, whether you’re going lighter or darker, you pick a color that works for you.
  2. Set Realistic Expectations
    If you’re making a drastic change — like going from deep black to platinum blonde — don’t expect to get the results you want in just one application. To avoid brassy, ashy tresses, and other disappointments, plan for a subtle shift in color.
  3. Wig Out!
    For anything more than three shades lighter or darker than your natural color, find a wig in the same hue and take it for a “test drive” before committing.

I’m Nervous About Discussing Religion With My Kids

I am a Catholic. I don’t usually discuss my faith publicly because religion is a divisive issue. I don’t want anyone to prejudge me or feel that I’ve prejudged them if their chosen religion differs from mine. I’m respectful of all faiths and those who don’t believe in organized religions. It’s a personal choice and it doesn’t matter to me what anyone else believes or practices. I worry about the person I am and eventually want to be.

When I scroll through my Facebook feed I often see adorable photos of friends’ kids hands clasped with solemn faces deep in prayer. It’s too cute. I wonder how people introduce their religions to their kids.

SometimesIwonder if it is important that children be taught about religion? Religion starts to remove choices. It stops the child from free will and from reasoning. These are things that should be encouraged and not subdued. Also if you get time to check out the new version of the Ethereum Code.

I agree that it is a religion that has shaped the world that we live in and when you learn about religion you understand the various facets of humanity. But if the child is taught about religion and is being raised in an environment that starts to hinder his individual personality or starts promoting shame then that could damage the child’s mind which is still in the developing stage.

The times are changing and the religious doctrines are not followed that seriously. But in case the child is taught to follow and is restricted to accept those thoughts only, that have been raised in literature from the past, which is actually fictional, then the end result could be harmful and at times also dangerous.

The facts that are unconfirmed about religion could brainwash a child’s mind. When it is about imparting the knowledge of religion toa child the parent juts teaches them about the religion that they follow. The child is not taught about the other religions and he does not get to choose. This is a mere dictatorship and the child is forced to follow and do what the parent does.

I remember being told God created everything. He is our Father. I attended Catholic School as a young child) My religious experiences as a child centered solely around what my mother and the Church taught me. I don’t think there is anything wrong with how I was raised but I wonder whether indoctrinating my child into my faith is whats best for my family and my goals as a parent.

Ms. Me Too. Dealing with annoying competitive mom friends

Does this sound familiar?

You: I’m so excited. Junior took his first steps today!

Ms. Me Too: That’s great. My son is already running the fifty yard dash. Pretty sure he’ll be competing in the Olympics before he’s three.


You: My daughter said her first word today!

Ms. Me Too: That’s so cute. My daughter is already fluent in Latin and has recently begun communicating with forest animals.
Dealing with women like this sucks the life out of me. No lie. It is straight up exhausting and draining. You have to tip toe around their insecurities constantly. There is nothing you can say about your child that won’t prompt them to either one up you or sulk around depressed because their child hasn’t met the same milestone.

I call these chicks Ms. Me Too.

With children comes the challenge to deal with the competitive moms. Who are they? They are moms who leave no opportunity to prove how their child is better than the others.

The competitive mamas can be further divided into three categories:

  • The comparer is the one who would ask you about the progress of your baby to make sure that their baby is ahead of yours.
  • Then comes the open judgmental mammas who will tell you right on your face that you are not a good parent. Whether your child is not breastfed or still not potty trained, the open judgmental mamma will tell you that you are a wrong parent. She would then brag about her examples as to how she has been perfect in taking care and training her baby.
  • The third category is the one-upper moms who will make sure that they have a story in line with an event that you have to share. It works in both ways. If you tell them that you are having a great time with your baby then they will put it as if they are having an amuch better time with theirs. If you tell them about your difficulties then they would be suffering more torments than you. So be it good or bad they are one-step ahead of you.

How to deal with such moms

The best way to deal with the competitive moms is to let them win. If you argue then the discussion will keep going on an on. Someone has to win so let the competitive mamma win. These mammas do not care about what you are doing,  All they want to prove is that they are the best in their parenting and that they have the best children. So let them be.

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Everyone likes to brag about their kids. All our children are super, special, amazing, little snowflakes.

Why “Six Little McGhees” Won’t Share The Same Fate As “Jon And Kate Plus 8″

When I first heard about the McGhees it was right before their appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. They were from my home state Ohio and they just looked like an regular normal couple, just throw in six kids.

But when I heard they were getting a reality show on Oprah’s network, I was a little concerned. The comparisons to Jon and Kate Plus 8 were instantaneous. I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 religiously, fascinated by what it took to keep a house of multiples in order. But then as the seasons wore on and the tension between the couple got to be almost unbearable, I had to turn the channel.


A good friend of mine found out she was pregnant in late 2011 and announced her little bundle of joy by posting a picture of her urine-soaked pregnancy test on Facebook for all to see. “We’re expecting!!!” she wrote joyously.
I was one of the first well-wishers on her wall. “Congratulations! Very excited for you!”

Let us stop here for a minute and analyze the pros and cons of sharing personal matters on twitter:

Of course, we all love to share our success stories, new things we bought, the places we traveled or the new restaurant we tried this weekend.  There is always a pleasure of staying connected when we use socializing apps.  We capture whatever we feel like communicating and post them.  We share our moments and feelings.  Back during school days, we used to be so close to our friends.  Hence these apps definitely help us stay in the network.  We feel happy and contented.  There are so many useful posts, recipes, discount sale information and health news which can share on these apps.  You can warn your dear ones from bogus websites, cheap quality products etc.  You will be worshipped when you share your knowledge on financial apps like Crypto code.   People would admire you like a pro.  In this modern world, there is no time to travel distances and meet people.  These apps definitely help us fight loneliness.  We feel secured virtually.

But sharing deeply personal information may turn out to be stressful.  For example, when you post pictures, there is always the risk of hacking.  Few opinions of yours might trigger a debate which can harm the harmony.  We cannot always warranty that everyone would think in the same lines.  Even close friends differ in opinion.  What starts as a small comment can end up as a lifetime tiff.  When you share health-related information like pregnancy or surgeries people sometimes come up with negative suggestions.   This can have a discouraging effect.  Sometimes when people pass on unverified information there can be lots of panics.  So it all depends on your friends and followers.  Back to the story.

I realized then that we are in a very different era, one where every single aspect of motherhood is Instagrammed, Facebooked, tweeted or YouTubed. I’ve seen it all—from ultrasound photos as profile pictures, to weekly belly pictures to show how much the baby (and mama) is growing each week, to blogging about what craving

How to Handle Awkward Playground Situations

You know what I’m talking about. Awkward playground situations that send you screaming from the sandbox gripping your child like a football while running back to the comfort of your goldfish scented car. Biting, pushing, peeing, or worse. It’s all there. The playground is where manners go to die for some people. Up is down. Down is up. Boogers are food. Playgrounds are no joke.

I’ve suffered my fair share of playground mishaps but after spending three years at these pits of insanity I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. Here’s how to handle awkward playground situations.

Basically, there are certain tips which mothers can use to manage these situations.  Read on to know:

  1. Find out the reason: Kids become naughty and disobedient as a way of expressing their unsatisfied emotions.  Find out what their craving is.  If it is love, provide them more love.  If it is boredom, inculcate a hobby like drawing.  This will gradually slow them down and make them think more.   If an awkward situation is due to hunger, feed the kid immediately.  They do not know how to express.  But mothers can easily find the reasons behind.
  2. Avoid triggers: Does your kid becomes unmanageable whenever he is with another specific kid? Examine the reason. If peer pressure from another child is making him behave awkwardly, avoid the situation.  Parallelly, you have to educate your kid to tackle peer pressure.
  3. Give them responsibility: Hand over specific tasks like watering plants, buying stuff from the near-by store etc.  Giving small financial responsibilities will completely change the attitude of children.  They behave responsibly.  When they grow up, this will help them to learn financial apps like Crypto code with interest.  They tend to build their future in a successful manner.
  4. Keep them engaged: Children demand more entertainment.  So, keeping them engaged is an art.  It should not be a tiresome process for the mother.  Always have in store, few games which kids can play by themselves.  Have storybooks which they can slowly read without disturbing the mother.  Back to the incident at the playground.

The hoverer

Your kids are having a blast when they’re joined by a kid twice their age who has no concept of playing nicely. He hovers and disrupts your children’s activities nonstop. You want to shoo him away but after brief observation you notice that he or she just wants some attention.

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“It’s not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or when the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who at the worst if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Life is a combination of success and failure.  We all work hard to stay successful.  All the more important is to stay motivated even after a failure.  Post-failure more energy and hard work are needed to build up a future.  Use the below tips to stay motivated:

  1. Read motivational words. Read life history of people who succeeded in spite of repeated failures.  This will ensure that you remain enthusiastic.
  2. Never yield to bullying. Always there may be people who wait to pull the legs of persons who fail.  Keep distance from them.  If they cannot be avoided, do not indulge in retaliation.  Your concentration will move from hard work to taking revenge.
  3. Never stop learning. Learn mistakes from the past.  In addition keep learning new things like Crypto code.  This will help you regain financially in a fast way.  Once your financial worries are solved, you get better confidence.
  4. Never shy: Failure is very common.  Even the wisest and successful people do have failures in their life.  So, do not shy.  It will reduce your confidence to strike opportunities.
  5. Keep rehearsing positive memories: Stop thinking about failures.  Instead, remember few successes you had.  Back to pieces of a man.

I’ve had a long-standing love affair with the brutal sport of boxing. I love the big fights. I love the small fights. I love the winners and, depending on the fight in the dog, the losers. Before I was married (and later divorced), I even had my bachelor party at “Mickey Ward vs Arturo Gatti 3,” to the chagrin of some of the men that attended. To hell with them. I was never into strippers anyway.


Is the Timing of Your Pregnancy Anyone Else’s Business?


Jessica Simpson’s latest pregnancy announcement is making headlines. She became pregnant with her second child seven months after giving birth to her daughter.

Generally, the following facts are to be considered before making the choice of the second baby:

  1. Whether the mother has physically regained her strength from the first pregnancy? Answering this question is vital.  The extent to which the second child would be healthy is based on this.  Also, the mother should be healthy enough to manage both kids after the second baby’s delivery.  The inner walls of uterus need reasonable time to get back the strength after delivering one child.  Hence sufficient time and rest are needed for the body to prepare itself for the second pregnancy.
  2. Whether you are financially strong to have a second baby. If you use Qprofit system, naturally you will be having huge money.  You can have a few children.  But if you are not financially prepared, it is better to postpone the second pregnancy.
  3. Do you have the support system? If your parents are young and strong enough to take care of two kids for the next few years, that would be a blessing.  You can plan your career re-entry.


A second kid would be a boon in various forms.  He would be a good life-long company for the first kid.  A family of four gives more happiness and satisfaction than a family of three.  But having a second kid is not as easy as the first one.  While having your first child all your problems would appear small when compared to the excitement.  But in the case of a second child, even small problems appear magnified.  It is quite a taxing and energy-extracting process.  It is indeed more expensive.  It is tougher in the case of nuclear families.  It is additional stress on health.  Initially, if you are ready for all these and give up subsequently, you are doing injustice to the second child.


The most important factor in having a second child is, it is the couple who have to discuss and decide about this.  The first child has to be prepared accordingly.  The irony is that even in this modern world, people other than the couple keep discussing this more.  In the case of celebrities, people totally forget that they have no rights to poke their nose into.

As someone who was once in her place – I can’t help feeling salty about the controversy. What’s the issue? Why does anyone but her uterus care about the timing of her pregnancy?



If your kids are sick of oatmeal try substituting warm polenta for cold mornings. Quick-cook polenta–not just for dinner–gets a healthy boost from Greek yogurt, honey and fruit. Courtesy of Katie at the Kitchen Door.

All about Polenta

What is Polenta made of?

Polenta is a simply boiled cornmeal.  It is generally served in the form of porridge.  If you let it cool it solidifies.  You can bake this or grill it and use it in your recipes.

Nutrients:  Polenta contains minerals like Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, and Phosphorus.  It has vitamin A, B and E.  Store brought polenta is rich in vitamin C due to the addition of ascorbic acid.  Polenta is gluten-free.

Benefits of eating Polenta:

The polenta was introduced originally in Italy as food for peasants.  Nowadays precooked Polenta is available in stores.  Using this you can prepare any delicious and healthy recipe in minutes.  Read on to know the health benefits of Polenta:

  1. 1. Fiber: Polenta is rich in fiber.  It can make the eater feel full.  Also, it facilitates good digestion.  Polenta can be consumed to avoid constipation.  It has good gut bacteria which can clean the digestion tract.
  2. Protein: Polenta is full of protein.   It can help in the healing of muscle tissues.
  3. Gluten-free: Polenta is made using corn.  Hence the gluten-free properties aid in weight reduction.  It serves as an excellent food during a diet.  It helps in staying hunger-free for long durations.  Polenta has complex carbohydrates.  Hence these are slowly broken down in the digestion process.
  4. 4. Carotene: Polenta has more carotene.  Thus, it helps in fighting cancer.


Basically, eating healthy food is all the more important to maintain the body in good condition.  Nutritious food will make a person stay active and work tirelessly.  Improved brain functioning can be experienced while consuming healthy food.  Health is the first step to acquiring wealth.  A sick person cannot concentrate on wealth accumulation.  He tends to have a poor career prospect and earning capacity.  A healthy person can work harder.  He can focus on earning money and multiplying wealth.  He can learn new concepts like Qprofit system easily and earn more money using it.  Back to the recipe.

2 cups water
2 cups skim milk
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup instant or quick-cooking polenta
1 1/2 cups plain Greek yogurt
1/4 cup honey
1 cup fresh raspberries (or other berries of your choice)