Get Yourself to Bed! 3 Ways To Ensure You Wake Up Refreshed

You do not have to tell me that it is hard to go to bed after you put your child to sleep for the night.

As we have busier days ahead, the most important thing that gets deprived is the time we sleep, if we get a good night sleep there is no better happier life one can lead. Adequate sleep is important for the overall health and immunity of children and adults. Thanks to technology and virtual media, even if we are on the verge of dropping off to snore, there is a profile picture that we wanted to check in the social media. That is the beginning of the sleep to be tucked away and time flies by the time we realize that is hours we spent checking things that are not very important.

Spending a night without electronic gadgets, or the alarm will give you the most relaxed feeling to get sleep early and wake up refreshed in the morning, the average time of sleep varies from person to person, yet the most important thing is to keep your stomach light so that you are comfortable getting to bed and resting. Adults and teenagers are the most affected lot as they spend a lot of time reading, studying and checking out emails either officially or personally, it is better to keep office work away as you step into your comfortable nest, and students can just relax without the books for some time. Read good books and check my reference with your friends around to induce sleep with a warm glass of milk, it will soon become your daily habit.

Once their little heads hit the pillow it feels like it’s “you time,” right? You’re on Facebook, catching up on your favorite shows, getting in a little quality time with your boo, and enjoying the quiet that comes with your kids’ bedtime. But then you find yourself staying up way too late, you wake up groggy the next morning and the cycle continues.
I had to finally realize that I was doing myself no favors by starting the day wishing that I still had more time to sleep. One day it hit me that while yes, my children wear me out, I was complicating matters by not giving my body the rest it needed to recover from a long day.

Why I Avoid Some Classic Cartoons Like the Plague

“Mommy you’re a blockhead!” my son happily exclaimed. I immediately knew who was to blame for my son’s insult. Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin. Well, technically I was to blame for being foolish enough to download the app and let him watch the special but who knew how foul the language on a classic cartoon could be.

A blogger recently wrote about the issue. He thinks it’s time to retire the beloved special due to the bullying and negative messages.

The age of television is slowly vanishing. It is the era of technology at its best with mobile phones and watching information from the childhood appearing in the phones without any kind of payment and the parents letting the kids watch the program as much as they wish. There is a tiresome practice where the children watching classic cartoons also do behave sometimes like them and play around what they saw in such cartoons. It is an extremely unhealthy attitude. The children do watch cartoons in an age where whatever they watch will stick to their brain and they tend to repeat the words again and again.

There are occasions where friends call each other in a friendly manner using nicknames, but name calling towards parents is a strict no. There are problems with a lot of such cartoons and the child blindly following what is told and what they watch. It is not right to make the child pay for it. Another angle comes up when spinach becomes the most eaten vegetable as there was a time the kids believed you become strong if you eat spinach. This is not the case everywhere. Children should be corrected at the same time the parents should screen what the child watches.

The best alternative would be to show them comedies that can make a mark on their everyday activities, teach them good things they can do daily, etc. There are other such shows that can be used by the parents to guide the child right. Cartoons are numerous and the parents are advised to try these out before ignoring few good ones. Children can be guided well but they need to be carefully shaped otherwise everything unnecessary they learn will cause difficulties in their further adventures.

Folks seem outraged at the suggestion and think that parents today coddle their children too much. I disagree.


Teen Mom’s son in dog crate. Totally fine or totally gross?

There is a lot to say about Teen Mom. The controversial show tackles a lot of hot topics from adoption to single parenting and everything in between. It’s difficult to find someone who isn’t passionately in defense or against the show. I’m neutral. I don’t watch it anymore because I’m too exhausted by the time my kids go to bed to do anything but stare at a wall while mindlessly stuffing Oreos in my mouth.

It is not possible for a mother to watch television or follow it if they are in the phase of going through their lives everyday running behind their children without any time for themselves. Until and unless the child has turned old enough to go to play school the mother is in constant wheels with running around them all the time. It is very difficult and very dangerous to let them out of your sight. Even the smallest things can cause accidents especially if there is more than one child.

The child needs constant attention and as a mother one could only do that as much as possible. The biggest trouble is a mom not being able to even shower without keeping the kids in sight. The mother is so exhausted sometimes they do want to yell at their kids. It is not an easy job to make them grow up or even teach them the right things at the right time.

The best advice for a mother would be to do the things she would like to do with the help of the kids. The children will get more than enough time to go around and be with their mother. The challenge lies with how to engage them during that time. It is so important that the child is given all the possible time with the mother but the mother getting exhausted all the time without a second of rest.

However when I was pregnant with my son over 3 years ago I watched 16 & Pregnant religiously during my fits of pregnancy insomnia. I know a bit about the girls and their individual controversies.

Rarely a week goes by that one of the Teen Moms isn’t in the news. Amber Portwood is in jail, Janelle Evans has another questionable boyfriend, and Maci Bookout allegedly let her son ransack a Pacific Sun store.

Cyber Bullying: Felicia Garcia’s Tragic Farewell Via Twitter

According to Rolling Out:

“Felicia Garcia of Staten Island, New York is the second teenager in as many weeks to commit suicide after being bullied.

Reports are that she was the victim of slut-shaming. Slut-shaming, as it is called, is the act of teasing a young woman on social networks and in real life about her rumored sexual history.

Cyberbullying has been so prominent among teenagers nowadays and there is an intense need to understand what goes in the child’s head and why many times, it results in deaths, mainly suicides. It is not the loss of any of these people instead to the family that lovingly brought the child up. There are various forms of cyberbullying and they all in one way or the other cause dangerous after effects to the child. Normally it happens to the most unpopular child or children who have done something that has been deemed ridiculous by the audience.

Normally it starts with excluding the person out of their social group and not give them any form of importance. It is a cruel activity and the child feels alone and left out. Another kind is constant harassment where abusive and disrespectful messages are sent to the child and the child feels abused and hurt. The self-confidence of the child is under attack and it is difficult to rebuild once destroyed. The child is then embarrassed publicly, ridiculed and made a laughing stock in front of their entire community, in kids it is in school while for college goers in their college.

Cyberstalking is another main way where a person is followed relentlessly all around the internet following them everywhere making them conscious about their own mind and activities. Impersonation is another means where another person opens your account and send abusive messages to others and make inappropriate posts claiming to be the actual account holder. These activities will corner and haunt a child and if things go out of hand end their lives. The home page gives more information on this.

Felicia Garcia, who authorities reported had sex with four football players at a party last Saturday night, had become the target of such ridicule and the bullies insulted her up until the moment she ended her own life.

Judging from her final Tweet, ‘I’m done,’ the teenager did not have an army strong enough to stop the bullying and/or to bring the culprits to justice.


I sincerely thought potty training would break me. The crying, cleaning, and frustration pushed me to the fringes of parenting sanity.

Potty training is something a parent should teach a child about. The child is not a superchild and cannot do such a thing alone. They should be trained properly and go through the process a lot of times to understand how the process actually works. There are a lot of such techniques that need to be kept in mind before starting potty training. There are more information than given below which can be accessed when you visit this website.

It is important to tell the child about potty training all the while making sure the child is able to understand what is going on rather than pushing them to do something they do not want to. In such situations, it is better to read to them or to let them sit on the toilet while taking bath or brushing. It takes a lot of effort to make sure the child understands the situation and not force the child to do something they are not comfortable doing. It will happen but gradually. It does not mean the child will automatically do everything, instead will gradually develop which needs a lot of time and patience.

D not be disappointed but instead, follow what the child wants to do. Rather than pushing them to let them work out what they want. It is always better to be prepared, have an emergency kit at hand like a change of clothes, diapers, napkins so that if they have to go it will be sanitary circumstances with eventually things will definitely get better.

I was on the brink of giving up when the skies parted and bathed me in a soft stream of sunlight as my son decided that he was one hundred percent ready to use the toilet forever. It was exactly like that. I wanted to run through the streets screaming “no more diapers! no more cleaning out the potty! I’m free!”.

It sounds dramatic unless you’ve been there. As someone who’s recently been in the potty training trenches I can tell you that it will get downright scary at times. I promise. However there are a few things to keep in mind before and during the process that might save your sanity.

Be patient.


Toddlers with iPads

My kids are 2 and 3 years old. Heading out with them is usually a fun adventure. They’re used to visiting malls, restaurants, and going on road trips since my husband and I have traveled almost nonstop since they were born. But they’re toddlers and toddlers have their moments.

We usually bring the iPad with us if we’re headed to a non child oriented establishment. It’s our security blanket. If someone starts to get loud or cranky we can usually avert disaster with a fun game or movie. We don’t always use it but it’s nice to have it just in case.

Ipads usage has gone up in the age group from 2 to above and it is still a troublesome factor. It is entirely worthwhile to use an iPad while with a child and it is an escape route and no one can question you about it. Children always need their parents with them. It is something of necessity the child has to be considered a burden by some institutions where children are restricted.

Several studies have cropped up regarding the disadvantages of children using iPads and how it negatively affects their mental growth. It is not always about making a child learn something unnecessary. But instead, it is about a child learning to work out a problem, in this case, opening and using an iPad might come in handy especially in dangerous situations where the child should be able to at least call their parent. Unnecessary and excessive use can be curbed and to understand how the world behaves towards people who hand out the pads to their children visit our website. It is important for a child to know the basics but not to get addicted to the technology and growing along healthily.

No child wants to spend a few hours at the mall but it’s a necessary evil. The iPad helps make long trips less painful for everyone.

I noticed recently that when my two-year-old is seated in her stroller using the iPad we receive a lot of sideways glances. Most aren’t friendly looks. I asked my husband whether he noticed it too or if I was being paranoid because I read about some crazed woman stealing an iPad from a 3-year-old. He confirmed that there had been an abundance of salty looks in our direction since we handed our daughter the iPad.


Rapper Eve is so in love, rightfully so. The 35-year-old married British entrepreneur Maximillion Cooper on June 14, 2014 in Spain. Eve splits her time between the UK and the U.S. Max has four children prior to meeting Eve. Eve revealed to Wendy Williams that she’d like to have children of her own.

There has been a lot of marriages mainly celebrities marrying cross-continent like between the US and the UK. There is a lot of differences in the lifestyle culture and their way of living. People are so different in those countries that they are going through small changes even differently. People of the US are better versed in living every day to the fullest. But that is not the case with people living in the UK.

People of UK are generally cautious, proprietorial and take all the occasions seriously with going through every ritual with extreme precision. It is a stark change in the effects of what people want and how they will do it. Marriage is something entirely different from one visiting the other’s country or even moving in together. Each should understand the circumstances of the other with a continuous need to act and behave well in front of the other’s families. There will be situations in which both the spouses need to counteract the situation without anything causing much uproar.

The cultural difference is something too wide a gap to ignore. Adjustments need to be made from both the sides to understand how the other has grown up and of course how the other society survives. It is very much difficult to learn things beforehand, but it does always help to be prepared for everything life has to throw your way. Circumstances are better now but there were times when it was too difficult to continue living in a restricted society for someone who has enjoyed freedom in living always. But the adaptability of children is awesome and they can easily adjust to situations even if there is initial resistance.

Eve spoke on where she’ll raise her kids:

There is so much culture and history in Europe. We have culture in the U.S. but you have to look for it. A lot of the kids I’ve met in Europe are more mature because they’ve gotten to travel. In an hour, you can be in a different country.



AirAsia, a budget airline in Southeast Asia has begun offering a “Quiet Zone” in its airplanes that is designated for passengers twelve and up. This area is separated from the rest of the airplane by the lavatories and bulkheads in order to prevent the Quiet Zone passengers from being disturbed by the sounds of young children.

A lot of people as it is are horrible fliers. They are extremely nervous about the flying and are not able to have a satisfactory experience. There is a need to make sure the flying experience does not get affected by the continuous and incessant chattering of people around and babies crying. A section of people though do not feel worried and disturbed by the sounds, it is very much difficult to adjust to their sounds.

Younger people get annoyed easily and especially people like businessmen are very much in need of concentration as they go through papers and magazines. They do need a good environment to read while flying and do not wish to be disturbed. Some of them watch movies, but the sounds do not affect them as they use headphones. Certain airplane companies do provide special places to accommodate people seeking silence, which can be used by anyone trying to fly. For a person reading a book, it is important that they finish the book or read at least a part of it.

There should be better facilities for people to enjoy their journey and before traveling it is better to have a peek at this site to understand why a ‘quiet place’ is absolutely necessary to be comfortable and have a safe journey. Most of them travel for a lot of hours around the world and it is cruel not providing their requested services and a safe traveling experience.

We are flying from Boston, Massachusetts to London, UK in a few months. I’m terrified to say the least. I’m a horrible flier as is. Add kids and I am teetering on the fringes of parenting sanity. I flew with my daughter when she was eleven months old and while I didn’t lose my mind I was a sack of nerves. She was a breeze to fly with since she was still nursing. This time around it’ll be me, my husband, my two year old daughter, and three year old son who has never flown before. I’m scared.


Flashback Friday: Andrea Kelly Of ‘Hollywood Exes’ – Life Without R. Kelly

We previously sat down to talk with VH-1’s hit reality show “Hollywood Exes” star Andrea Kelly. Today we’re taking a look back at the candid interview. Since this time, Kelly has gone through a second divorce from Brian McKee and recently congratulated and supported daughter Jaya, now known as “Jay” on her decision to become a transgendered male. See what was on Kelly’s mind and what she had to say about love, divorce and moving forward in life.

Life is particularly difficult when there is a separation in a family. But one should not let the negativity of the situation affect the circumstances in their day to day life. There should be a meaning to every action we do in the world. If there is no meaning to life then there is nothing to look forward to leading a happy and satisfied future. A divorce is never easy especially from someone whom you loved the most in your life. Such a separation is tiresome and will take a lot of time to come out of.

There is a huge responsibility in picking up where you left off. Such relief will be the turning point in the life of many people. There should be a change that comes over with a lot of room for self-discovery. This path will lead to a lot of revelations and might push a person into another path entirely. Such a rediscovery happened in the life of Andrea Kelly who is very much in her state of comfort now. She has accepted her as she is and is enjoying her life with all that it brings up.

It is better understood when you look at this website and realize that every person goes through such drastic changes in life after a huge life event. There are cases where people take the wrong route and suffer from the problems of depression and lack of self-confidence. Many cases, the person relocates and even find another job and start their lives much differently from their old one. It is a lesson for all such separated people to go through the experiences of Andrea and learn from them.

We’ve come to know Andrea Kelly as the quick witted, straight, no chaser cast member who has stepped out of the shadows of her former musical prodigy and controversial ex-husband, R. Kelly – and hasn’t looked back.



ANDREA KELLY, the quick witted, straight, no chaser cast member of VH-1’s hit reality show “Hollywood Exes” has stepped out of the shadows of her former musical prodigy and controversial ex husband, R. Kelly–and hasn’t looked back.

Andrea spoke candidly with me by phone while in Chicago, where she is actively juggling her dance studios, now based in Chicago and Atlanta, with an LA location on the horizon. She’s also in development of a high end, dance wear line: Anonsia.

Dance is a beautiful art form. We have a great feeling when we see a beautiful dance. It involves a lot of principles that make it very significant. We may not know the real aspects of it completely. Once, you get to know the brilliant aspects of dance and the health benefits that come along you will just be astonished. We will have to bring about an interest to seek all the knowledge that we are bound to receive in this aspect.

It is a great source of relaxation to mind and body. When you have a deadly disease killing you apart, the best way to go for the treat and take it with less stress by involving in a beautiful art form as dance. It might seem silly, but it is very true. It gets the body muscles to become very flexible and tuned to any kind of life. We will have to make sure that we stay healthy and happy always.

Also, it is a good knowledgeable experience when you learn a new art form. We have to splendidly understand that each dance form has its own importance that needs to be pulled hard in life may not be with compulsion but just full of love. When you learn a new art form, that can be easily taken over to a new generation then it is really a great thing that you are doing to society. We have a good communication system that is developing these days.

Also, there are different modes of learning a new platform of interest that surrounds us to a great deal. Check out this site and you will get to know it better. We have online platforms that can teach us the skills promptly as possible. We can learn it from different dance schools and from prominent celebrities as well. It is just about how our minds want it.